Manifesting money is all about energy and bloodlines. Learn how you can tap into your bloodline to manifest money fast!


For some reason, people don’t have any problems with the phrase manifesting money. They’re completely comfortable with me saying they can manifest money fast, or that they can use magic to manifest money. However, when I start talking about money spells, people become skeptical. Or, they’re afraid. There is a small part of their being that’s telling them that money spells are bad. I suppose that society has pulled a guilt trip on us, making us mistakenly believe that when we ask for money, we are stealing it from the universe. The idea of stealing money, in part, comes from the Illuminati. So, in this video, I am going to explain to you how the Illuminati works, and how you can use some of their tricks, to manifest money fast, without the guilt.



How to manifest money overnight


There are a lot of people who believe that magic and manifesting money is evil. They literally feel like they’re stealing. They feel like in order for them to gain, someone else has to lose. The concept of stealing, is derived from ancient folklore, where people believed that evil sorcerers and witches could sneak up and steal your soul. Of course, there is no movie that depicts this concept better than Get Out. It is a critical acclaimed horror movie, about a Black man who goes to meet his White girlfriend’s parents. The only problem is that her parents are lunatics, who abduct black people, switch out their brains, so another white person can take possession of their body.  Meanwhile, the black man is forced to live in the dark space, the sunken space.


How to manifest money quickly and easily


Get Out is an amazing movie because it explains the ancient concept and the belief system of the Illuminati. According to Jim Marrs, author of the book, The Illuminati: The Secret Society that hijacked the world. The

Illuminati are not a sector or private cult. Rather, they are people who share a certain belief system. That belief system is called illumanism, and involves taking what you want by any means necessary. This, of course includes stealing. Now, there are some people who believe that the Illuminati have infiltrated many of the early pagan religions. One of the first religions that they infiltrated was the pagan religion of Mythra. So, when they did this, they brought their own philosophies and rituals with the intentions of stealing people’s ashe, or chi. These rituals included human sacrifices, babies being sacrificed, and the spilling of blood. They did this to steal people’s soul, or another way of putting it, stealing their ashe.


Smelling money to manifest


In my other video, Money Ritual for the New Year, I spoke to you about the importance of bloodlines. I explained that manifesting is all about power, and one of the ways that you get that power is through tapping into your ancestral line. So, when you start to tap into your ancestral line, you’re actually getting an inheritance of chi, ashe, or prana. This inheritance allows you to manifest money, which is the physical manifestation of energy. However, when you get into the Illuminati, they not only steal your ashe or energy, but also the ashe in your ancestral line. This results in a great deal of people having an ancestral line that is energetically bankrupt.


The Illuminati are real and so is the New World Order


In fact, a lot of people believe that the New World Order is the Illuminati’s attempt to steal from blood lines. This is a theory that resonance some truth. Let’s fast forward beyond the Roman Empire into the era of imperialism. This is when there was a massive slave trade taking place in the United States, and a huge push for colonialism in Latin America and Africa. According to Jim Marrs, the American and European government were infiltrated by the Illuminati, which resulted in the era of imperialism. Now, the most important thing to understand about this time period, was that the world was split into two spheres. The European countries sought to control Africa and Latin America. While Japan sought to control Asian countries, such as China.


How to manifest money in 24 hours


Now, when the Europeans colonized and enslaved people, they stripped the indigenous people of their culture and religion. They replaced their culture and religion with their own. When Japan colonized many of the Asian countries, they allowed them to keep their culture and their religion. This is an important concept to understand. Why? Well because in African derived religions, a great deal of power and ashe is transferred from the father to the son. In my other article, how to do automatic writing using angels, I talked about how power, knowledge, and ashe was passed down in the African commemorative ceremony known as the passing of the Oba. The concept of passing chi, or knowledge from parent to child is also down among the Azende people through a process that it is known as mungi. Now in many African traditional religions and practices, the power of being a witch is passed down from the mother to daughter. In fact, you cannot be a witch, without inheriting that power from your mother or an elder.


Manifesting money techniques


So, when you colonize a nation, take away their religion, culture, and replace it with your own, you’re restricting the access that they have to their ancestral bloodlines. Now, why would someone want to do this, why would they want to keep you from knowing about your ancestor’s bloodlines? Well, the answer to that is that they want to steal your power. As a result of this, a great deal of bloodlines has been absorbed into the Illuminati, hence the concept of the 13 great families controlling virtually all the wealth in our nation and in our world. They gained this power by cutting you off from your ancestral linage and absorbing your ancestral lineage into theirs. Don’t believe me? Well, just take a look at the African and Latin American countries, then compare them to Asian countries. These countries fare far better, despite the fact that many of the African countries have more natural resources. The only explanation, can be the loss of bloodlines.


Manifesting money mantra


So, manifesting money, spells, and rituals isn’t really stealing. Besides, how can you steal something that is already yours? This is why I talk to you about tapping into your power and getting the ashe and energy from your bloodline.


Here’s how


  1. Take a double action reversible candle, black and white
  2. Or, you can use the one black candle or one white candle
  3. Light, it
  4. Write down your request to take all of the power that has been stolen/taken from you
  5. Meditate and visualize the money coming to you in some way. Remember, money is naturally chaotic, this is why it is best to put it into a vehicle that ensures grown, i.e., school, business, home, etc.


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