Here’s a healing stone and meditation ritual that will break the attraction that you have with your ex, or lover that you can’t have.



You’ve tried everything, yet, you just can’t seem to stop thinking about this man. You try not to stalk her Facebook, or Instagram page. You try not to befriend her friends, to see what she is up to, but yet, you can’t help yourself. It is almost like you’ve lost all control. You have to ask people about her. You need to drive by his job, you need to call her just one more time to see if she’s going to pick up the phone. You need to see her, just one more time. Are you going crazy? Well, you may be just love sick. Or worse, you may be dealing with a more serious affliction known as love addiction. So, in this article, I am going to explain to you the difference between the two, and recommend a powerful healing stone ritual that will ensure that you’ll never think about him again. Stay tuned.


What is a love addiction and how do you treat it?

Well, the best way to think about love addictions, is to watch the cult classic movie Psycho. You can watch the original black and white film, that was released in the 60s, or you can binge watch the A&E series, title The Bates Motel, on Netflix. Both the movie and mini-series depict Norman Bates, as a man who is conflicted, or I think a better way of putting it, a man who is bat shit crazy.

What causes love addictions?

The movie starts with a woman, a fictional character named Marion Crane. She embezzles 40k from her employer and goes on the run, after a night of sleeping uncomfortably in her car. She decides to check into the Bates Motel. She does this, and she finds the inn keeper, creepy and weird, but not dangerous. Her nights are interrupted by a scary voice looming in the distance. The voice is coming from the huge creepy house on the hill. Marion Crane is a bit uncomfortable as she overhears Norma Crane, Norman Bates Mother, scorn him. She ridicules and belittles Norman Bates, because he knows that he secretly desires her.

How to overcome a love addiction

In short, Norman Bates is mad at himself, because he desires Marion Crane, even when he shouldn’t. So, what does he do? He dresses up like his mother, wig, dress, stockings and all, takes a huge kitchen knife and butchers her in the shower. So, Norman Bates’ way of dealing with someone he desired, but couldn’t have, was to kill them. The only issue, he couldn’t do it sober. He had to take on an alter personality, his mother, and then, he was able to carry out the command without resistance.

How to stop ruminating over a failed relationship?

So, what’s the moral of the story? Well, it’s is your alter ego that is rising up and ruining your relationship. It is that teeny tiny voice in your head that is telling you to text, just one more time, it doesn’t matter if you’ve text him thirty-times already. It is your alter ego that is telling you to spy on her, call up his friends and see what he’s up to and who he is dating. It is you alter ego that makes you go off, curse him out and say awful things about him.

How to stop caring for someone you love

So, what is the alter ego? Well, I suppose everyone has one. Beyoncé has Sasha Fierce, Norman Bates has his crazy dead mother, Norma.  And you, well your alter ego is your suppressed sexual energy. In my other article, how to leave an abusive relationship, I talk about how many of us have suppressed energy and trauma. However, we can take this step further, by saying that many of us have suppressed sexual energy. When, this energy is suppressed, it comes out in perverted and grotesque ways. It distorts your reality, makes you blinded to people’s flaws and weaknesses.

How to stop caring for someone who doesn’t care for you

In fact, people with suppressed sexual energy are the people who find themselves in abusive and dysfunctional relationships. They get into these types of relationships because their alter ego, their suppressed sexual energy is the primary driver, that directs and steers them to the wrong people and bad situations. Perhaps the worst thing about suppressed sexual energy, is that you’re going to be deeply attracted to people who are totally wrong for you. You’re going to feel the sparks, and yes, there is going to be a magnetic pull, that you simply can’t pull away from.

How to stop caring for people who hurt you

This happens because according to the law of attraction, like attracts like. This means that you’re going to be attracted to people, and yes drawn to them, based on your weaknesses. And the most unfortunate part about this attraction, is that is going to feel good. Why? Well, these types of relationships feel good, because you’re releasing all the trapped energy in your 2nd chakra. However, these types of relationships are bad for you, because like an addict you’re constantly looking for more perverted and dysfunctional ways to release this trapped energy. This pent up sexual energy is the primary reason why people become pedophile, or why they engage in incest, or drug and rape women.

Agate, a powerful holistic healing stone:

So, what can you do to stop caring for someone? Well, you have to gain control of that suppressed sexual energy. You need to gain control of that alter ego, that rises up and take total control of you. You can do that with the holistic healing ritual that I’ve outlined below:

The first thing that we need to understand is that healing and magic is a process. When dealing with any type of mental or personality disorders, we must first understand the problem, a split mind. Virtually all types of healing modalities involve restructuring and re-wiring the mind. This is a process and can be a very long and painful one, if someone is detoxing from either an addiction or love obsession. However, here are a few quick tips that will help you overcome your love addiction.


  1. Surrender: the number one rule to overcoming a love addiction is to let go. You can start by understanding that the emotions that you feel, are inside of you. You have made the mistake of attaching them to someone else.
  2. Start to ground yourself. Stay in tune with reality and what is real. You can start by working on your base chakra. You can also work with a black tourmaline stone to help you regain your footing in the physical world.
  3. Call out to your spirit guides and ancestors. Love is a highest vibration known to man. It is abundant and plentiful, so no-one should have to go without. Your ancestors and spirit guides will give you the love that you need to heal. This will allow you to get through the tough detoxification stage.
  4. When you start detoxing, you might feel a great deal of anger and resentment toward the other person. You can minimize this anger by creating some anger be gone oil:

½ chamomile

¼ violet

¼ sandalwood

add to your bath or dab a few drops on your skin. Please be sure to consult with your doctor before ingesting herbs and oils against your skin.

You can also use a blue agate stone to minimize anger. You can do this by placing the blue agate stone on your throat chakra.

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