So whenever, I am working at a café, there is always someone who comes up to me and asks what church that I go to. I am little put off by this, because these people are assuming that number one, I am Christian, and that number two, I want to go their church. Then, they put me in a situation where I have to explain myself. But the truth of the matter is that I don’t really know how. I am not Christian, I am not a witch or a pagan, and I don’t quite fit into the whole spirituality category. I refused to be a conformist and I refuse to allow someone to put me in a box. Instead, I decided to be spirit, free of all dogma, and accepting of everyone’s beliefs and religions. And is this video, I am going to explain how you can do exactly the same thing.

Spirituality v Christianity

There’s a movie that I like to watch called Blindness. It takes place in a town in South America, where one man is driving and suddenly goes blind. He is escorted to the doctor’s only to find out his blindness is associated with a virus that is contagious. An epidemic breaks out, where a third of the town needs to be quarantined. Now, the irony of this film is that the blind people starting to formulate gangs. Yes, they were gangs with walking canes and seeing eye dogs. In these gangs they began to rape, pillage, and hoard food. It soon got to a point, where people had to join a gang in order to survive. The only people who weren’t part of the gang, where the ones who were immune to the virus, and could still see.

Similarities between religion and spirituality

The movie blindness is a powerful film, because it explains what happens to us when we become religious, or even spiritual. We become consumed by it so much, that we become blind to rest of the world and the people around us. We lose patience with anyone who thinks different, or acts different. Then, like gang members, we need to go out and recruit people. But in order for us to recruit people successfully, we have to explain to them why our religion or realm of spirituality is the best. We do this, because we inherently believe that the more people we have in our gang the more powerful we can become. Then, we can use our religion to rape, pillage, and steal from other countries. Then, once we’re done destroying them, we can convert them to our religion. We have to make sure that they’re part of our gang.

Difference between religion and spirituality

So, religion and spirituality have both become like gangs. There are certain sects that are highly judgmental, and demonize anything that doesn’t fall into the lines of their own belief systems. While spirituality has become about who can hold the best yoga pose, who can sit in lotus position, and who can meditate the longest. Both religion and spirituality are belief systems that stem from one’s accomplishment, not their ability to love and help their brothers and sisters around them. Now me, I call myself spiritual, because that is the category that I fit the most closely into. However, I am the one person in the world who actually has decided to see. I accept everyone’s path, their religion, and understand that even though our journeys are different, they all lead to the same destination.

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