in this video, I am going to explain to you the significance of the angel number of 11:11,how you can tap into your flow and get the law of attraction to work almost instantly.

Whenever I work with clients, they constantly tell me that they’re seeing numbers all the time. The most significant number and the most frequent number they’re seeing is 11:11. Anyone who knows anything about numerology understands that 11: 11 means synchronicity, new beginnings, transcendence, and awareness. But how does all of that translate into real life? More importantly, how can you use numbers to apply to magic and your ability to manifest faster? in this video, I am going to explain to you the significance of the angel number of 11:11,  how you can tap into your flow and get the law of attraction to work almost instantly.


1111 Angel number and Initial signs of manifesting


In my other video, how to communicate with spirits safely and effectively, I spoke to you about the multi-verse. In that video, I explained that nothing is really created and we don’t really manifest anything. Rather, everything is already created and exists in parallel worlds or realities. You can think of these parallel realities as being channels on a television set. And you flipping through the channels is the act of manifesting. Now, many of us have a hard time manifesting, because one, we have child restrictions and are limited to the number of channels that we can watch. And many of us don’t have the clairvoyance, or the intuition to access some of the higher channels. In short, many of us can only view ten to twenty channels, while someone who is more enlightened can view a hundred to a million channels.


1111 meaning in the bible and sign your manifestation is close


So, the meaning of 11:11 in the most practical sense is all about synchronicity.  It signifies the opening of your third eye. This is a process where you have access to more channels. However, there is a downside to having access to all these channels. For one, you have to flip through them. Two, what you want may not be playing on that day and time. But, just imagine, sitting down and watching whatever you want at any time?  I know that you can do this, with Netflix. However, you still have to wait a year or so, for the new season or episode to air. Of course, I am speaking in metaphors, but we’ve all had the experience of thinking about someone, and they call. We’ve all thought about something, and then, instantly, it manifests.


1111 meaning phenomenon and how to make the law of attraction work instantly


The speed in which you can manifest is called flow. This is when you’re able to flip through the channels quickly, and find the channel and program that you want to watch. When you’re in the state of flow, the universe will respond by giving you certain signs, such as angel numbers to show you that you’re on track. So, what is flow? And more importantly, how do you get into this state. Well, flow is a matter of synchronizing the heart and the mind. Many of us fall out of flow because our heart and brain operate independently. The other things that stop our flow, are societal programs. These programs riddle our mind with thoughts of negativity, self-doubt, judgment, and fear. These judgements not only stop us from tapping into our power, it stops us from capitalizing on certain opportunities. How many times have we talked ourselves out a something, only to realize later that we missed out on something great.


1111 and Twin Flames and signs from the universe that he’s the one


Forest Gump is a great example of a man being in the flow. Society viewed him as slow witted and a simpleton. Yet, he achieved more than his life-time than some of the smartest people in the world. He was born handicapped, and overcame his disability by running away from bullies. He became a star athlete on his high school football team. He was a war hero in Vietnam and a ping pong pro shortly after. Gump’s life and achievements didn’t stop there. He later bought a shipping boat, made tons of money, and invested in Apple products to become a millionaire. So how was one simple guy, born with several disabilities able to set the world on fire. Well, he was in the flow.


1111 Angel Light body and signs that your manifestation is close


The one thing that stops us from being in the flow, is that we think too much. Or, we rely on our brains too much. We fail to realize that our brains are riddled with programs, that impedes us from taking action, manifesting, and tapping into the flow. What we should be doing is thinking with our hearts. Gregg Branden, author of The Divine Matrix, believes that the brain takes way too long to make decisions. The brain works like a slow computer. It needs to evaluate the past, access the present, and predict the future. When the brain does this, it is filling your head with self-doubt, and yes fear. As a result of this, you’re either going to make the wrong decision, that is based on self-limited beliefs or programs, or you’re going to miss out on the opportunity entirely.


Proof that the law of attraction is working


Gregg Branden believes that we shouldn’t rely heavily on the brain. Rather, we should focus on listening to the heart. Branden says that the heart can give us answers instantly, without the judgements and programs. Just think about Forrest Gump, wasn’t he the most kind-hearted man you’ve seen? The heart is very important, and yes very decisive. Branden says that the heart can tell if it likes someone in a matter of three seconds. He also goes on to say that the heart knows who your soul mate is, within three minutes. Many of us make the terrible mistake of overriding our emotions. Besides, society programs us to be logical and analytical. However, this program stunts us from tapping into the flow and manifesting your desires.


How to make the law of attraction work instantly


So, synchronicity starts with us aligning our hearts and our brains. Now, you may think that this may be very difficult to do. However, you can do this by just focusing on speaking the language that the heart understands. Gregg Branden believes that you need to get into the habit of expressing gratitude, appreciation, care, and compassion, for these are the emotions that they heart responds to. For an added special affect, you can meditate using the mudras for love. Also get into the habit of meditating and sitting with your back and spine straight. If you can’t sit cross-legged for a long period of time (I can’t), then focus on lying down. Your spine represents the open channel, that allows the heart and brain to communicate. Do this daily, and you will not only start to see the numbers 11:11, but you will also see things manifests right before your eyes.






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