For a long period of time, I was hesitant about telling people that I was a psychic medium. Besides, there are so many negative stereotypes of psychics. We all know about Cleo, the psychic from New York, who wore a turban and faked a Jamaican accent. Not to mention all the other quakes that lie to people so they can cheat them out their money. So how do we do psychic readings without the stigma? More importantly, how do we convey the power of psychic readings and how they can have a positive effect on our lives. Well, in this video, I am going to tell you how to do exactly that.

How to find inner peace and happiness

When people think about psychic readings, they think about Hollywood, they think of movies such as Ghost, starring Whoopi Goldberg. In it, she’s plays a con-artist, who lures people into her shop and gives fake, and overly theatrical psychic readings. She seems to be doing this, and getting away with it, for a long period of time. That is until, a real ghost comes into her presence. She sees him, he sees her, and encourages her to adjust her unethical behaviors. So, by the end of the movie, the Whoopi Goldberg character has real gifts. And she has dozens of spirits lining up from the other side, to use her as a medium to speak with their loved ones.

How to find inner peace and happiness within yourself

Why did I bring up the movie ghost? Well because there are two things that I want you to understand, one everyone has psychic abilities, and two, we all have dozens of people from the other side who want to work through us. In African traditional religions and in Native American practices, these people are called our ancestors. You might have heard a great deal of shamans or African priest who say that the Egun walk with me, or the Egungun work through me. When they say this, they’re referring to the entourage of people who surround them and give them guidance, information, support, and love.

Meditation and inner peace

In fact, it is our disconnection from our ancestors that causes us the most amount of pain. This disconnection makes us believe that we are in this world all by ourselves. As a result of this, we become insecure. We believe that we need to have a wall full of degrees, or have years upon years of experience to do something. We fail to realize that our ancestors are going to be there, every step of the way, whispering in our ears, and giving us the guidance that we need to move forward. I believe that Maya Angelou said it best, there’s nothing that she can’t do, so long as she has her ancestors by her side.

How to find inner peace with god

I find inner peace knowing that I don’t have all the answers, and that’s okay, I don’t need to. I don’t need to be perfect, or super rich, or be someone who has it all together. All I need to do is consult with my ancestors through psychic readings and they will help me find a way. When I work with clients, I help them tap into this power, by aligning them with their ancestors, so they too can be guided by them. Most importantly, trusting in my ancestors has given me so much inner peace. I can put myself out on YouTube, without the fear of being ridiculed, or judged, or labeled as a quake, because I know that as long as my ancestors are speaking through me, that I can’t go wrong.

Exercise: How to find inner peace with god

Build an altar for your ancestors:
Flowers, water, candles, nine candles, chocolate, cigars, red wine, optional.

Go to them with a problem. Sit and ask them for guidance and clarity. When you’re finished, you can go and do a tarot reading, if that’s your gift. Or you can put on some meditation music and relax. The trick here is not to overthink anything. Go to sleep, and when you wake up, write down the first thing that comes to mind. The ancestors tend to speak to us when we are sleeping.

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