Manifesting is difficult and inconsistent because you don’t have enough power. Learn how to get power from your ancestors by engaging in short New Year’s Eve Ritual.


I am getting away from using the spells in my titling. Why? Well, because I think that people think that spellcasting is mechanical. They really believe that they can say a couple of words, light candles, or work with some herbs to manifest their desires. They really don’t understand that magic is not much about recipes and formulas, but more about energy, ashe´ prana, and chi. Just look around you, if magic was easy, everyone would be able to do it, and we wouldn’t have so much poverty and distress in our world. So, what I am going to do in this video, is explain to you how magic and manifesting works, and then give you a ritual that will help you manifest money before the new year. Stay tuned


Voodoo spells for money


Do you have voodoo in your blood? I love asking people that.  For one, they have no idea what that means. Furthermore, they have no idea how their family lineage and how their blood lines affect their ability to manifest love and money. In fact, the Illuminati believe that most of the world’s wealth rest in the hands of a few popular families. This goes to show you the importance of blood lines. So, what does all of this have to do with you? Well, I mentioned before that you need ashe´ prana, chi, or energy to manifest. And there is no way better way to get it, then by asking your ancestors.


Money Rituals that really work


I think that the best movie that explains this concept is Brewster’s Millions. It’s an old movie that stars Richard Pryor. In it, he plays a washed-up baseball player, who suddenly comes into a large inheritance from a white ancestor. He is given a total of 30 million that must be spent over 30 days. If he can spend the money without owning anything, then he will get the larger inheritance that is worth 300 million. I love this movie, because it shows us not only the power of our ancestors. It also shows us how we all have an inheritance. Sadly, many people fail to realize that money is the physical manifestation of energy, ashe, and prana. What’s that mean in dummy terms? It means that you use the energy that you inherited from your ancestors and to manifest money.


Rituals that help you become rich


So now you can understand the importance of bloodlines, heritage, and lineage. You can also understand why there is a huge disparity gap in the United States. This gap is contributed to people not knowing how to tap into their power. Besides, most people think that spell casting and manifesting is simply a matter of thinking a certain way and then saying a few words. More importantly, there is a stigma attached to ancestor worships and spirit possession. This stigma deters people from tapping into their power, and gaining the ashe needed to manifest their desires.




Rituals to attract money


The worst think about all of this, is that paper money is tainted with sorcery. I wrote about this in my video, how to manifest money and escape the 9 to 5 wage slave grind. In that video, I spoke about how the priest and priestesses, printed money with certain labels and symbols. These symbols are designed to bring out the worst in you. In short, they’re designed to get you to use the money, and thus your ashe on lower desires. This type of behavior has resulted in a culture of consumerism and mass consumption. And I myself, am not exempt from it.


Rituals to attract money


This is a problem, because energy like anything else needs to be managed. What do I mean by that? I mean that you can waste energy just like you can waste money. For example, there are a lot of people who want to use magic for frivolous means. They want to use it to buy an expensive bag, or to seduced a beautiful woman. They’re doing this without realizing that they’re burning through their energy. The goal of energy, ashe, prana, or chi, is to get it to grow. Much like money, you have to get the power from your family lineage to grow, like an investment, or a business venture. Then, you need to strengthen your family line so that your offspring can enjoy it as well.


Voodoo Money Spell


However, far too many people are burning through their inheritance, or in other words the ashe that is in their family line. The mismanagement of power, ashe, and the stealing of energy from other wealthy people are the two primary reasons why we have so much poverty in the world. So, what do you need to do to tap into this power? And more importantly, how can you do it in such a way, where you can get the energy from you family lineage to grow?


Voodoo spells for money


Well, first you need to do something that serves as a benefit to the community. Me, for example, I work to debunk a great deal of the stigma and negativity that surrounds Voodoo and other African derived religions. I raise awareness and educate people about how the ancestors and the Orishas are about love. As a result of this, I am helping people heal, release shame, increase their level of intuition, and help them tap into their power. Now, you can do the same thing on New Years’ Eve. Why? Well, because that time right before midnight is a powerful time. It’s a time for new beginnings and your intentions and energy should be very strong.



Money come to me spell


You’re going to ask for energy from your ancestors. However, the energy has to be something that is progressive. You should ask for the money to get a degree, finish a degree, or to start a business, or non-profit. Your request should involve you getting money that will help you significantly improve your life. You can make this request on paper, out loud, or to yourself right before the clock strikes 12 midnight on New Years’ Eve.

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