Learn how to get your ex back using holistic healing methods that don’t just cater to the physical, but also the energetic aspects of your relationships.

How do you get a guy back


So, you’ve read all of the articles on Google, and watched some videos to get some practical advice on how to get your ex back. There are a lot of love coaches who have mastered some psychological tactics and methods that will help you get your ex back, but yet nothing works Why? Well, because relationships just aren’t physical. There is a whole energetic element that is missing from these coaching practices, which in turn renders them utterly useless. So, in this video, I am going give you some tactics using the holistic healing, and energy work, and yes, a little bit of magic, so stay tuned.


How to get your ex-girlfriend back


I know, you’ve been told to stay away from us quacks. Besides, we’re delusional, and we are only going to give you false hope. Furthermore, we are going to take your money and disappear and leave you looking stupid. After all, love spells and magic isn’t real. Besides, you rather go with the love coach who has mastered certain psychological methods and practices. Well, let me explain something to you. Psychology comes from magic. Yes, people tend to look over the fact that the most renowned psychologist, Carl Jung and Sigmund Fraud were closeted occultist. Yes, while the shaman was tripping out on ayahuasca and peyote, good old Fraud was tripping out on cocaine. They were exploring dreams, paranormal activity, and much of the psychoanalysis treatments that you’re paying an arm and leg for today.


How to get your ex-boyfriend back



The other thing that you have to understand is that love is not just physical. Anyone who coaches you on how to get your ex back, are only focused on 10 percent of the problem. That ten percent being the tip of the ice-berg that everyone can see. The other 90% is buried under a sea of water, and can cause a great deal of damage if you approach it incorrectly. People fail to understand that love is an energy, it is infinite, it is omnipotent, and when you learn how to tap into this energy, you can manifest glorious things, including getting your ex back. Heck, I’ve had experiences where couples get back together after a long breakup and they’re stronger now because of it.


How to get your ex back fast by text message


That’s another thing that these love coaches don’t understand. Breakups are sometimes necessary in order to get the relationship to grow and become stronger. Why, well because some-times things need to be broken down and rebuilt again. It’s a natural principle that is known as creative destruction. In fact, we are constantly fighting against this form of destruction, or a better word for it is chaos. Our bodies are constantly fighting against bacteria and disease, we have to continually clean our house, or it becomes a pigsty, and we have to take care of our bodies, or we become week and sick. In fact, you not taking care of your relationship is the reason why your ex broke up with you in the first place.



How to get your ex back when he has moved on


Just look at the movie Gremlins. It starts at great with a boy getting a really cute pet for Christmas, called Gizmo. Everything is great in the beginning. Then, the boy begins to make a series of mistakes, he exposes him to bright light, he feeds him after midnight, and he drenches him in water. As a result of these mistakes, more gremlins are born, and they start to wreak havoc on the small town. What’s the lesson here? Your relationship is like Gizmo, cute, snuggly, and fun. And then, you start to make little mistakes. Those little mistakes turn into big mistakes, and then your whole relationship turns to shit. Then, there is the whole slippery slope, it is the stuff that people normally go through when they experienced a bad breakup. We drink, we cry, we over-eat, we starve ourselves. Hell, some of us are even suicidal. This in turn lowers are vibrations, and thus makes it impossible for us to use the law of attraction.


How to get your ex-boyfriend to want you back


So that’s where quacks like me come in. I suppose that we aren’t as sophisticated as reiki healers. However, we are able to get the job done, by helping you shift your energy. By doing this, we are bringing your body back to a level of homeostasis. As a result of this, we can work with you to lift your vibrations and thus start sending out the messages in the universe. Contrarily to popular belief, you don’t think a certain thought and wait for it to happen. Instead, the universe responds to your emotions.


How to get your ex-boyfriend back after he dumped you


You see, the heart is stronger than the mind. It has its own electrical magnetic field, and a radius that extends beyond the brain. Don’t believe me? Just check out the studies from the Heart Math institute. In those studies, they show how the heart can entrain with another person’s brain. What does this mean in dummy terms? It means that you need to get out of your rut, and start getting on a higher loving vibration. Don’t worry, this is hard work, and I don’t expect you to do this yourself. That’s why I designed a 10-part free video-course, that will aid in your process. So, sign up now, and get started.

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