Relationships by their nature begin to fizzle over time. Enclosed is a Tantra love potion that will put the spark back into the relationship and make it last forever.


Falling in love feels great. You feel like you’re on top of the world. You feel like you’ve finally met the one. You feel like you have someone who you can share all of your dreams with. You have someone who has your back, and more importantly, you have someone who you can trust. However, there is just one problem, what do you do when the love starts to fade, when he begins to lose interest in you? When you and him, as a couple begin to fight like cats and dogs? Well then, it becomes a matter of restoring the balance into the relationship, using the love potion that I describe in this video.


How to make your relationship last with your boyfriend


In my other video, how to get your ex-back, using energetic and holistic healing. I explained to you that relationships are more than just physical. I wrote that many of the so-called love/life coaches have gotten it wrong. They give dating advice and relationship advice that is just practical and only addresses ten percent of the problem. Love, is not just an emotion, it is an energy. It is also infinite and omnipotent and when we tap into its power, we cannot only get our ex-back, but heal and fix our relationships as well.


How to make a long-distance relationship last forever


There are two types of relationships. And the first thing that you need to do is identify which one you’re in. There is the survival relationship, ruled by passion and insecurity. And, there is the enlightened relationship, ruled by partnership and eternal love. The best way to think about these two categories is to watch some of our favorite loving couples on television. We can take a look at Bella Swan and Edward Cullen in Twilight and Peeta Mallark and Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games.


Ways to help your relationship grow


Now, Peeta Mallark and Katniss Everdeen are an unfortunate couple. They’re star crossed lovers, who fall in love, while trying the survive the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games by the way, is the teenage Olympics, where teenagers are recruited and forced to fight to the death.  Peeta Mallark and Katniss Everdeen are the perfect example of a couple who are in survivor mode. They are literally dependent on each other for survival. More importantly, they are susceptible to the elements. They can be killed by the extreme cold, fire, and even wild monkeys. It’s important to understand that survivor relationships are extremely chaotic, they’re driven by passion, excitement, because there is danger and the fear of loss that is always looming in the distance. However, it is important to understand that survivor relationships are built on insecurities and the eternal fear of loss.


How to make your relationship last until marriage


Now, enlightened relationships are much different. And naturally, a great example of an enlightened relationship is Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. These types of relationships can be just as intense. However, the fear of loss isn’t imminent. Perhaps the best thing about these relationships is that they tend to be eternal. This is represented by Edward Cullen’s immortality, their marriage, and later Bella’s transformation into a vampire. In the metaphysical world, we would say that Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are soul mates. They have created a bond that will not only last their life-time, but also an eternity.


How to make love last a life-time


So now it’s easy to identify what kind of relationship you’re in. All you need to do is ask yourself a few questions. Do you live in constant fear of losing your partner? Do other people come before your relationship? Do your arguments not only wake the kids, but also the neighbor? Are you bored, irritated, and feel like you settled because there is no one else out there? Well, if you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in a survivor relationship. Now, are you completely comfortable with your partner? Do you touch? Do you still make love? Does he put you first? Is your relationship solid where nothing and no-one comes between you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re in an enlightened relationship. Now, you don’t need to worry if you’re in a survivor relationship. Besides, the whole point of you reading this article, and/or watching this video, is to transcend from survivor mode, to enlightened mode.


How to make a relationship work


The first thing that you need to understand is that being in survivor mode isn’t entirely your fault. I know, that goes against everything that these love and life coaches are saying about taking responsibility for all aspects of your life. You need to understand that there are a great deal of outside influences that are affecting your relationships. I’ve said it a million of times, we are all connected under The Law of One. This means that things that affect other people, and changes in the environment have an effect on us. We can understand this concept a little better by understand how entrainment works.


How to make your relationship stronger


The law of nature states that everything in our universe can be broken down into atoms and of course particles. However, there has been scientific evidence that supports that particles are not really dots, but tiny strings that vibrate and respond to both sound and light. When these particles are vibrating at a similar frequency there is resonance. When one particle is vibrating at a higher frequency, entrainment occurs.  Entrainment works much like a magnet, and is the underlying force in The Law of Attraction. Sadly, the worst thing about entrainment is that it can pull you in, and you may not be strong enough to resist it.




How to make a relationship better


This happens in a lot of relationships where one partner is stronger than the other. Often, in these types of relationships, one partner may take on the bad traits of their partner. Or, they may find themselves being totally consumed by the relationship, where they lose all sense of self and individuality. Entrainment doesn’t just happen with couples in relationships. It happens in groups. Many of us fail to realize that we are constantly being entrained to the vices of society. The negativity pulls us in, begins to seep into our minds and destroys our relationships. This is why we have to constantly take the time, to regroup, and reset our internal rhythms. By doing this, we are ensuring that we are not entraining with anyone except for our highest selves.


How to make a relationship happy again


In my other video, how to make a man love you, using this Kundalini ritual, I spoke about the importance of falling in love, with well, you. When you begin to fill yourself up with positive emotions, you will entrain with others, and thus lift up their vibrations as well. By doing this, you’re raising your level of consciousness and will then have the energy to make your relationship last forever. How? Well, you would have mastered the magical ingredient that is needed for longevity. Here’s how.


This is a ritual that involves the moon cycles:


  1. Set your intentions on the day of the New Moon (I would like to reset my internal rhythm, fill myself up with love, so that I can make my relationship last).
  2. Run some bath water on the Waxing Moon
  3. Use this love potion
  4. Tantra oils: 1/8-part lavender, 1/8 part rose, ¼ part sandalwood, ¼ part frankincense, ¼ part amber
  5. Sit in the tub and meditate
  6. Do this, whenever the relationship feels shaky or rocky.





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