How to enter someone’s dream


Have you ever met someone and found that you had a really deep connection with them? Then, suddenly, you find yourself dreaming about them. Only, the dream feels real, as if it really happened. Have you ever been dating someone and dreamt of making love to them, or marrying them, and suddenly, six months, or six weeks later, it actually happens? Well, unbeknown to you, you were lucid dreaming and entering someone’s else’s dream. Sadly, you can’t do it consistently, because you don’t fully understand how the process works. So, in this video, I am going to explain to you how to lucid dream and give you a powerful technique on how you can enter someone’s dream tonight. So, stay tuned!



How to dream about someone sexually?


Whenever I think about dreams, I think about Sookie and Bill, fictional characters from my all-time favorite show, True Blood( In that series, Bill Compton feeds her his blood. As a result of this, she becomes aroused, and not only has a very strong connection with him, but her libido is on fire. We’ve all experienced those really intense dreams where we are able to make love to someone who are attracted to. In many situations, the sex that we have in our dreams, is better than the sex that we have in real life. Why? Well, because our subconscious mind is open, and free of inhibitions. We can engage fully in love-making, without shame, or fear of judgement. There are some people who dream about making love to certain deities or entities, and they describe this experience as some of the best sex of their life. So why does this happen? And why do some of us have a better sex life in our dreams, than in our waking reality.


How to make yourself dream


The answer to that question is that you’re establishing a deeper connection with people that goes beyond the physical. In metaphysical terms, we describe this experience has two aura’s merging. For those of you who don’t know, auras, are the invisible bands of energy that surround the body. Each band vibrates at its own frequency and is connected to a chakra. Now, when you meet someone, your aura’s merge, and begin to exchange information. Now, here’s the most important thing that you need to understand, once your aura’s merge with someone else’s you establish an imprint. This means that you will always be connected with them. Furthermore, you can continue to exchange information, and communicate, even when your separated.


How to induce lucid dreaming


Now, all of this might sound like some metaphysical babble, or voodoo non-sense. However, this concept can be backed up with science. Good old Einstein called the merging of two auras, spooky action at a distance( Only, he wasn’t describing actual auras, he was describing particles. In his studies, he found that when two particles collided, they could communicate, even when separated. Furthermore, he found that particles could communicate effectively across distance, space, and time.  Perhaps the best thing about Einstein’s experiments, is that when one particle is manipulated, the other particle is directly affected. So, what does all of this mean in dummy terms? It means that when you connect with someone, you’re always connected to them. It, also means that you can communicate with them, despite time, space, and distance.


Lucid Dreaming Techniques


So, I am going to take this a little bit further. I realize that there are some incredibly intelligent people who watch my channel, so there is no need for me to dumb this down. In my other video, 10 Lucid dreaming steps to heal, transcend, and manifest your desires, I spoke about parallel worlds and realities. I describe them as being channels that we flip through in order to manifest and create our realities. I also mentioned that many of us have limited access to these channels, because of societies conditioning and programing. Finally, I touched on the points that many of us have access to these parallel worlds while we are sleeping. And people who have mastered magic, or the spirit possession, can be in both worlds at once.


How to lucid dream tonight


Now, we can take this concept a bit further by using Quantum Physics, or more specifically quantum mechanics. In quantum mechanics, they see the world as either particles, or waves, it really depends on the observer. However, what they’re really seeing is the merging of these two worlds, where the particles and changing into waves, and thus turning back into particles. What does this mean in dummy terms? It means that you’re going to need to alternate between the awakened state and sleeping state. By doing this, you’re going to be able lucid dream and thus be able to enter someone’s dream tonight. Here’s how:


Lucid dreaming steps and tips


  1. Sit comfortably or lay down in bed with your spine straight
  2. You can start to listen meditation music
  3. Make sure that there is love in your heart
  4. Place the Amethyst stone over your throat for communication
  5. Visualize your aura merging with the person whose dream you want to enter
  6. Fall asleep and enjoy your dream
  7. When you wake up, don’t turn on the lights right away, sit and think about your dream
  8. Write down your dream within ten minutes of waking up
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