There is a lot of talk of how you cannot love anyone until you love yourself. People tell you that you cannot be in a healthy relationship, unless you love yourself completely. Love is the most powerful vibration known to man, and when you tap into you, you cannot only change your life, fix your relationship, and heal your body. You can also change and influence the people and the environment around you. So, in this video, I am going to give you an amazing self-love meditation that will literally change your world. So, stay tuned.


How to love yourself?


In my other video, how to overcome low self-esteem, I spoke about the rules of war. I quoted from the Art of War, written by Sun Tzu. In that video, I explained that wars are won through a process that is known as psychological warfare. This is a process where your opponent will do everything to destroy your self-confidence. When you’re completely broken, you become susceptible to their control. So, when we watch the movies on television, and see these war-torn countries, we need to understand that these people are killing, raping, pillaging, and reeving, in attempts to destroy people not just physically, but also psychologically.


How to practice self-love and acceptance


We can see this psychological warfare taken place in South Africa, during the Apartheid. And there is no movie that reflects all the horrors and injustices of the apartheid, then Cry Freedom. In this movie, Denzel Washington plays a journalist who has witnessed many of the crimes that took place in the country. The movie does a great job of depicting the large disparity gap between blacks and whites, the poverty, and of course the grave injustices. It was this movie, along with people like Nelson Mandela who exposed the apartheid to the rest of the world.

How to practice self-love and acceptance


Now, for those of you who aren’t familiar with South Africa’s politics. Nelson Mandela was a political activist who lobbied against of the Apartheid.  He was later jailed, and served over twenty-seven years in prison. Of course, the militant government of South Africa imprisoned him in their efforts to break him, to make him susceptible to their influence. This way, he could be controlled and used as a puppet for the powers that be. However, this never happened. Throughout his whole twenty-seven-year sentence, Nelson Mandala focused on nothing but love.


Importance of self-love techniques


Nelson Mandela focused on love when Black people all throughout South Africa, and even the world where being brainwashed to believe that they were ugly, dirty, primitive, lacked skills, knowledge and culture. The Blacks in South Africa, and even throughout the world, were portrayed as savages. They were used as scapegoats, and people who breed a bunch of children and spread malady and disease. However, Nelson Mandala didn’t allow this psychological warfare to break him. Instead, he continued to focus on love.


Self-Love Techniques


Throughout the years, with his self-love meditation, he didn’t have a drop of hatred in his heart. In fact, throughout his time in prison, he sent love to all the people in South Africa, not just the Black people. As a result of this, awareness about the grave injustices in South Africa begin to spread. Soon, people in other countries, including the United States begin to boycott and even hold the South African government accountable for civil rights violations. Nelson Mandela continued to focus on love. As a result, he healed a country that will fueled by hate, and thus stopped a civil war, and a racial genocide that was really going to tear the them apart. So, what is the morale of this story? No one can break you, and you can’t be subject to psychological warfare, or self-hate, when your heart is fill with love.


The importance of self-love


Many people don’t understand the power of this loving energy. They don’t understand that when they see a Buddhist monk, meditating for hours, they aren’t just meditating for themselves, they’re meditating for all human kind. In fact, it is the mystics who believe that the monks, and enlightened people such as Nelson Mandala are maintaining the balance, and stopping the scales from shifting in the negative direction.


What can you do?


Well, you can first understand that focusing on love, doesn’t just affect you, it affects everyone around you. When you fill your heart up with love, and focus on being on this vibration, you can heal yourself and loved ones, you bring back a straying lover, and most importantly, you can live a happier and more fulfilled life.

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