Your spiritual growth and transformation is contingent upon you letting go of the past. Enclosed I suggest some healing stones that will help you do just that.



I am always amazed of all the people who are clinging to the past. They are clinging to a job that they loved, or hated, a relationship that was great or terribly bad, or friends who loved and then betrayed them. Thinking and thus living in the past can be dangerous. Why? Well because it drains your energy and takes you away from what’s most important, the present. So, in this video, I am going to explain to you why it your spiritual growth and transformation is contingent upon you letting go, and suggest some healing stones that will help you do it. So, stay tuned.


How to let go


Have you ever seen the reality television show Hoarders on TLC? It is sad to watch people who are literally stuck in their homes because they refused to throw anything away. Many of these houses are stuffed with bags of trash, clothes, and even food. There was even one episode where a woman had a whole bunch of dead cats, in her refrigerator! Okay, I am sorry about the graphic imagery. However, I needed you to understand that when you hold onto the past, and refuse to let go. You become a hoarder, a hoarder of bad thoughts. Those thoughts, begin to smell like a stinky trashcan, and the clutter, will keep you from moving forward.



How to let go of the past and live in the present


Perhaps the worst thing about not moving on and letting go, is that your body and mind gets addicted to thoughts and yes, the emotions. I mentioned in my other video, how to leave an abusive relationship, that people get addicted to pain. The pain, caused by trauma, distorts our reality and causes us to either be the victim or the abuser. Victims of abuse are subject to patterns of dysfunctional behavior. Dr. Joe Dispenza, renowned lecturer and author of the book, How to break the habit of being yourself, believes that these habits are wired into your brain’s chemistry. He says that neurons that fire together, wire together.



How to let of the past in a relationship


What does all that mean in dummy terms? It means that your brain consists of a whole bunch of neurons that look like tiny little branches. These branches begin to connect and create networks based on your thoughts and emotions. When you have a thought, that thought produces an emotion, and that emotion produces a specific chemical reaction. And of course, the more you think about something, the stronger the networks and connections gets.

The power of ameythst stones


Let’s just say for example, that you hate your ex- boyfriend Joe for cheating on you. Every time you think about it, you get angry. Your body then responds by pumping more cortisol and testosterone into your blood stream. Your heart-rate increases, the left hemisphere of your brain becomes more active, and your arteries become enlarged. You may be thinking, okay, that’s not so bad. However, it is bad, considering the release of cortisol causes headaches, heart attacks and yes obesity. More importantly, your body gets addicted to the emotions. So, if you’re driving, and someone cuts you off, and you get angry, those neuron connections start to fire, and the next thing you know, you’re thinking about Joe all over again. And you thought you were over him!  These neuron connections make it very difficult for us to not only forgive and forget, but also impossible to move on.


How to let go of past hurts


The modern mystic, Eckhart Tolle, believes that these thoughts work more like energy units, which he calls the pain body. The pain body works much like a residue that aligns along the auric fields and feeds off your pain.  Tolle goes on to say that the pain body is just not restricted to the individual. He believes that the collective consciousness, also has a pain body. More importantly, groups of people who have experienced a great deal of trauma and adversity, also have a collective pain body. For example, African Americans have a collective pain body. Native Americans have a collective pain body. And yes, women have a collective pain body.


How to let go of someone you love


What does this mean in dummy terms? It means that your pain is magnified by the pain in the collective consciousness. In fact, mystics believe that mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD, all stem from the collective pain body. There is a saying in black folk lore which states that we carry our ancestors pain. So, the internal issues that we have inside of ourselves, are not just our own. Those issues are spread all throughout our family line. This is why I emphasize the importance of tapping into your power, and understanding your ancestral lineage.


How to let go and trust again

The inner woman – breaking out of her shell


Now, it is time to declutter our life. You can do this with stones such as the amethyst stone. You can hold this stone while engaging in the process of letting go of things that no longer serve you.  Let go of relationships that leave you feeling drained and empty. Relationships shouldn’t be an uphill battle. You shouldn’t have to constantly feel like you have to struggle. If you have to work hard to feel good, then you need to let it go.


How to let go of a guy


Let go of feeling obligated to other people. The act of obligation is a form of manipulation and control, and can only result in bitterness and resentment. Everyone should have the freedom to choose. The lack of freedom restricts our creativity and growth, and makes us feel utterly powerless.


How to let go of someone you love


Let go of people who don’t respect your value. Your time is valuable, your company is valuable. Your money is valuable. Don’t allow people to take advantage of your kindness or generosity. There is nothing worse than feeling like you’re disposable, or that you’re being taken for granted. Let go of fear. Let go of the fear of moving on. You can do this by understanding that not moving forward is going to cause much more harm than good. Also, you need to understand that not letting go of the pain is going to cause prolong suffering and misery. The best thing to do is allow the pain to work itself through, as quickly as possible.



Letting go of compromising yourself. Your happiness should never be compromised to help someone else, or to make someone else feel better. Don’t hold back, or dumb yourself down, because you don’t wont to intimate people, or make them feel insecure about the friendship, or relationship. Don’t lower your torch, or dim your shine for anybody. Rest assured, if the shoe was on the other foot, they wouldn’t do it for you.








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