So, in this article, I am going to give you some signs of an abusive relationship, how to gain the strength to leave it, and how to heal from the trauma. Stay tuned.


This is a topic that I wanted to talk about on YouTube for some time. Now, in this video, I am not going to go over physical abuse, because I feel that there is more than enough information along with resources to guide you. Rather, I am going to talk about emotional and verbal abuse in relationships. In the metaphysical world, we refer to these types of relationships as toxic, because they involve a great deal of energetic dumping or in more severe cases, energetic raping. So, in this video, I am going to give you some signs of an abusive relationship, how to gain the strength to leave it, and how to heal from the trauma. Stay tuned.


Leaving an abusive relationship with a child


Everyone thinks that Stephen King’s book, and movie It, is simply a story about a scary clown. That’s far from the truth. The story It, is a movie about childhood abuse, neglect, and trauma. One little boy lost both of his parents in a fire, the other lost his little brother during a terrible thunderstorm, the young girl is being molested by her seditious father. Another fatherless little boy is being smothered by an overprotective mother. And all of the boys are being and violently beaten and bullied by the older boys in the neighborhood. The scary clown is simply a representation of their suppressed pain and trauma. Sadly, he doesn’t just haunt their childhood, but also their adulthood.


Letting go of a toxic relationship


Great art, emulates life. And Stephen King must have known a thing or two about suppressed trauma. Maybe he was channeling information from the Native American and African shamans. These shamans believed that when someone experienced trauma, their souls were split into dozens of pieces. The pieces of their soul were then thought to sink into the underworld, only to be later retrieved­–and put back together again­– by an experienced shaman. The shaman’s believed that the child was too young, to deal with the trauma. So, as a coping mechanism, they would bury it in the underworld, or the subconscious mind until they were old enough to deal with it.


How to leave an emotionally abusive relationship safely


Sadly, the child is never able to deal with the trauma, mostly because life gets in the way. Women have children, men get married, and life appears to go on. Sadly, these are the people who tend to be in abusive relationships. They are either the victim or the abuser. This happens because their child hood trauma, much like a scary clown, it’s manifesting itself. It’s taken on their worst fears, and shape-shifting into the things that they’re most afraid of. The abuser, in many situations feels powerless. In many cases, he is haunted by the past, and he is stuck remembering a time where he felt powerlessness. In was in these times, where he may have been violated sexually, or bullied or abused.


How to leave an abusive relationship


Women, tend to play the victims. Sadly, by the time they get married or are involved in a relationship, they’re worn down. Victims are simply victims because their abusers have worked hard to destroy their self-confidence. Once a person self-confidence is destroyed, they’re then susceptible to mind control, and manipulation. They also tend to become victims of energetic dumping. This is a form of energetic rape that I speak about more thoroughly in my video, how build your self-confidence and self-esteem?


Letting go of an abusive partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend


A lot of people on the outside can’t understand why someone would want to stay in an abusive relationship. The logical solution, would be for the woman or man who is abused, to just leave. However, these people fail to understand that trauma is causing them to not think clearly. Furthermore, the suppressed trauma distorts their reality. It’s almost like they’re in some freaky fun-house, with millions of mirrors that are distorting the images of self. Some see themselves as fat, ugly, and undesirable. Others see themselves as being victims, and actually feel that they deserve to be abused. While others are simply addicted to the negative emotions and the pain. Eckhart Tolle calls this addiction, The Pain Body.


Eckhart Tolle’s Pain Body


Unlike the Shamans, who believe that trauma tears the soul into dozens of tiny pieces, Tolle believes that all the pain is accumulated and stored in the auric field. This pain feeds off its host like a parasite. The pain body likes anger, distress, self-loathing, self-hate, and depression. All of these emotions not only feed it, and ensure its existence, but it also ensures that you will never heal. Furthermore, the pain body will recreate abusive patterns, where you are meant to suffer endlessly, from an affliction that was never cured.


How to leave an abusive relationship?


There is a whole parable in Youruba about Obatala, the father of white cloth and the father of all Orisha. The story involves him making human beings.  One day, he was drunk off a palm wine and begin to make mistakes. These mistakes caused him to create sick, and handicap people. This is why, whenever someone has a sickness, or affliction, they reach out to Obatala. Obatala is the orisha who can help piece your soul back together. He can help you find wholeness and peace, and break the abusive cycles. You can work with a priest or priestess of Obatala in the Ifa, Santeria, or Lukumi African religions.


Powerful Chakra Meditation


For those of you, who are more familiar with the chakra system, you can start to work with the 2nd and 4th chakra if you’re a woman. I find that a lot of women have negative energy in these chakras. While men, can work with the 3rd chakra and 6th chakras. You can use healing stones for an added affect. However, your intentions should be the same, to mend the pieces of your broken soul. Do this, until you feel better and stronger. In time, you will find the strength to leave an abusive relationship.












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