How to get rid of bad energy in a person

I have made it very clear that I am a psychic medium. However, I am also an empath and I pick up a lot of people’s negative energy. I take on people’s negative energy and I feel their pain as if it were my own. I have to admit, me being able to do this makes me a great healer. However, it often leaves me drained, and I don’t always have enough energy to tend to myself and family. However, I have learned a few empath healing techniques that have made me stronger. And I am going to share those techniques with you in this video.

How to get rid of negative energy in your body

I have to admit, there aren’t a lot of great representations of psychics, mediums, and witches on television. However, I truly believe that Stephen King got it right when he wrote the script of Green Mile. Green Mile is a story about a huge black man named John Coffee, who was sentenced to death for a murder that he was innocent of. Upon first meeting him, you would think that he’s just a regular simpleton. Further into the movie, you find that he is an empath healer. In prison, on death row, he performs all types of miracles that include him pulling negative energy out of sickly people, and some-times transferring that negative energy into bad people. The only problem is that whenever John Coffee does any type of energy healing, it leaves him tired, dog tired. So, he has to rest and regain his strength.

How to get rid of negative energy from your mind

Now, taken on someone else’s negative energy is an old shaman technique. Shamans would absorb another person’s negative energy. They did this when people’s bodies were too sick and unable to heal. As a result of them absorbing other people’s negative energy and dispelling it, they would become stronger. However, there were some of them who would become very sickly, slow, and tired. This happens because whenever you do any type of energy work, it leaves behind a residue. And if you don’t have effective cleaning rituals, then the residue becomes thicker and can really weigh you down.

How to get rid of negative energy from your aura

The way to work around this is to not use your own body and your own energy. I spoke about how many witches and spiritual practitioners get depleted when casting their spells. Sadly, this same concept applies to empaths and healers. We need to understand that the secret of us becoming stronger is to not use our own energy. But to use the energy that is all around us.


1  For example, people within the Yoruba deity might call upon Obatala and use that source of energy for cleaning.

  1. While others might use blood stones, to clean and absorb negative energy.
  2. There are also some shamans who clean with eggs, and other who cleans with leaves and sages. It’s important to understand that you don’t need to use all of your own energy, when you have an abundance of energy to borrow from.



Obatala cleaning ritual


Eflun, or egg whites

100% pure coco butter

100% pure shredded coconut

white cotton cloth

white ribbon



Put all of the contents inside of the white cloth.

Tie it with your ribbon

Place the cloth on chest area, or other areas on the body that might have a huge concentration of negative energy.

Discard after one use.


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