Sickness occurs when the body is thrown off balance. Learn how holistic healers and doctors can work to restore balance by raising vibrations and using certain self-healing meditations using the Merkaba.


Can the body heal itself? Can you use meditation and natural healing techniques to break habits and cure illnesses, even addictions? Is holistic healing and energy work just a bunch of nonsense? To skeptics, self-healing and holistic healing is really a pseudo-science powered by the placebo effect. To spiritualist and holistic healing doctors and practitioners, self-healing is a means of treating virtually any disease and illness in the mind, body, and soul. So, in this video, I am going to explain to you how self-healing works, and give you a guided meditation that will help you heal diseases, slow down the aging process, and even break bad habits.


Energy healer, do it yourself


There’s no movie that better depicts the miracle of self-healing better than the classic The Lion King. Everyone thinks that’s Disney’ s hit movie, The Lion King is an animated movie about a Lion and his cub. We’ve all seen the movie, right? It starts out in some lush country in Africa called The Pride Lands (looks like South Africa). The grass is green, the animals are happy, and everything is going well. Simba is born, and is crowned to be the next king, despite the fact that Mufasa’s brother Scar had been eying the crown for quite some time. So out of pure jealousy, Scar decides to kill both Mufasa and Simba by orchestrating a stampede. Mufasa, moves to save his son, and gets trampled over and dies. Simba fleas to the waste-land, and is stricken by guilt, because he believes that his father’s death was all of his fault.


Types of holistic healing


Simba teams up with two other animals, Tinmon, a meerkat, and Punmbaa, a warthog. They console him and teach him a simple phrase that will ease all of his worries, Hakuna Matata. Simba lives a care-free life for some time, before he meets and yes falls in love with Nala, a lioness from his child-hood. She, along with a mystical healer, a monkey named Rafiki (my favorite character) convinces him to do some soul searching.  After some time, Simba sees his father as a holograph in the sky. Mufasa is saddened that Simba had chosen to forget about him, and the legacy that he had come from. In time, Simba goes back to the Pride-Lands and sees that it is completely destroyed. He fights his uncle Scar, and retakes the thrown. Simba becomes king, restores balance and the Pride Lands thrive again.


Holistic Healing and the body’s ability to heal itself


A lot of people have seen this film. However, they fail to realize that The Lion King stems from an African Mali parable known as Sundiata. Sundiata was a story passed down from generation to generation, that taught people about the importance of balance, power, and ancestral lineage. Also, like most African parables, Sundiata was layered with a great deal of gems, hidden knowledge and truths, about the earth’s and bodies’ ability to heal itself, once it achieves a level of balance. Yes, I’ve said it time and time again, African derived religions are all about finding balance, first within yourself and then outside of yourself. In fact, this is really what the movie, The Lion King is all about.


Powerful Holistic Healing Methods


The Lion King is really about our disconnection with our ancestors, with the earth, and also with the highest aspects of self. In the story of Sundiata, the evil villain Scar is played by a vicious sorcerer who uses black magic to cast a spell on the village. This spell allows the evil villain to steal the crown and take on the king’s lineage. Naturally, the sorcerer indicates the lower desires (powered by the ego) over-taking the higher desires. In fact, it is the battle between Scar and Mufasa that represents the perpetual struggle, not only between good and evil, but also between ego, and the higher realms of consciousness known as the Ori.


Types of holistic healing


Disney wanted to keep things clean and decided to sweep the whole sorcerer thing under the rug. Instead, they used the Hyena. Hyenas are known as the gangsters of the jungle, they’re primal, ruthless, and will literally eat you up alive! They have no mercy and very little restraint. In the movie, you can see how they knock things out of balance by eating everything in sight. The Hyena’s represent our lower desires that are powered by the ego. The ego looks for pleasure and not joy. When the ego is in total control. It will seek pleasure to the body’s own detriment. It is the ego’s desire for pleasure that drives us to recklessness such as over-eating, over-drinking, frivolous sex, drug-use and even violence. These behaviors not only wreak havoc on the body, but on the whole of society as well.


Holistic remedies


Now, things get really interesting when Simba teams up with Puumba, a warthog, and Timon, a meerkat. It’s in this scene where they teach him the phrase Hakanua Matata, which translates roughly into no worries. Now, this scene symbolizes Simba’s detachment from his legacy and his ancestral line. He really just surrenders, and allows his uncle Scar to just take over the homeland. It is only later in the movie, where Rafiki and his soon to be wife, Nala knock some sense into him. However, it is only when he sees his father’s face in the sky, that he is compelled to face his dreadful uncle Scar. Now, this scene is very powerful, because Simba would never be able to beat Scar, without the memory and the ashe from his father Mufasa and his ancestral line.


How does energy healing work?


Here’s where it gets interesting. We understand that virtually all sickness and malady occurs when the body is knocked out of balance. However, as holistic healers, we fail to understand that the body doesn’t have the proper amounts of chi, prana, or ashe to heal itself. Traditionally, for healing magic, and manifesting, we would get the ashe from our ancestral line. But if you’re disconnected from your line, you literally don’t have the power to heal yourself. As a result, the health of your body is thrown off balance, the scales tip, and you begin to suffer from sickness and disease. This concept can also be applied to the land.  Many of the indigenous tribes of Africa are being ameliorated. Their ancestral lines are being forgotten. As a result of this, much of the land is barren, people are suffering from poverty, and sadly disease. All these things are happening, despite the fact that much of Africa is rich in resources.


The power of self-healing



Colonization just didn’t take people’s culture away. It took away people’s life-line, their life force, their ability to heal, manifest, and do magic. More importantly, it allowed people to degrade in such a way where the ego is fully in control. People are driven by lower desires, and they don’t have the strength, the chi, the ashe, to resist. So, instead of being like Simba and going back and fighting for the Pride-Lands, they let it all go to shit. Why? Well because they don’t have the ashe or knowledge to fight back. This same concept can be applied to your health, when the bacteria or infection seeps in, and your immune system isn’t strong enough to fight it. So, what can you do to self-heal your mind, body, and soul.


How do you become an energy healer?


Well, first, you’re going to have to re-establish the line that you have with your ancestors. Don’t worry it’s not that difficult to do. You can start by just putting up an altar. Here’s how:


  • Put a table in the brightest part of your room, preferable next to a window
  • Put flowers, water, stones, and candles on the altar4
  • You can give offerings to your ancestors such as: chocolates, tea, coffee, cigars, and pastries.
  • You can also put pictures of family or loved ones who have passed on.


How to do a Merkaba meditation


Secondly, you can start working with the Merkaba meditation. The Merkaba meditation is great because it literally works to reverse the harm that was done to your body. The Merkaba meditation is great for self-healing, and it also works for anti-aging, or to slow down the aging process. I do this mention by waking up in the morning, and imagining myself right in the middle of the Merkaba as it is spinning around me. I am using this to help break my addiction to junk food.


You can do this every morning and you will be amazed how much these exercises change your life.




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