Here’s five holistic medicine methods that you will you become a powerful root-worker


I hear about it all the time. For some reason, Hoodoo, spell-work, and magic, is put into the superstition category. While other healing modalities such as reiki, aromatherapy, and herbal medicines are considered alternative healing, or holistic medicine. What’s the difference between the two? Is one truly better than another? More importantly, how can you become a better hoodoo root worker by implementing some of these holistic medicine modalities? So, in this video, I am talk to you about the history of Hoodoo, what hoodoo is today, and teach you some techniques that will help you become a powerful root worker.


Is Hoodoo Real


I say it a lot in my videos and articles, African derived religions and practices have a bad reputation. Shows, like True Blood really don’t do much to help the matter. I remember watching the first season and feeling a great deal of remorse for poor Miss Lettie Mae. Like so many people, she had an addiction to alcohol. Addictions are hard to break, and most people spend their entire lives going through rehab, therapy, and seeking other types of treatments to beat it. However, Miss Janet, a Hoodoo worker who operates out of the bus in the woods is able to heal Miss Lettie Mae.


Hoodoo root worker/doctor


She heals her by conducting a Voodoo/Hoodoo exorcism, a process where she is able to “transfer” the demon from Miss Lettie Mae into a whole bunch of rocks and animals. The exorcism is successful and Miss Lettie Mae is cured and no longer craves alcohol. Sadly, later in the series, we see that Miss Janet is a fraud, a charlatan in fact. The show also discredits the healing work of the Hoodoo practitioner by simply calling it an act of faith. Many people believe that holistic healing is all about faith and belief. However, I feel that it is much more than that.


Hoodoo Magic and the legendary Zora Neale Hurston


The mysteries of Hoodoo were earlier documented by the journalist and anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston. In her book Mules and Men, and in her article, Hoodoo in America, published in the Journal of American Folklore, she writes about her experience working for a prominent Hoodoo Doctor. In that article, she describes several experiences. One of which, involved her lying on a sofa, face down, naked, in her Hoodoo doctor’s office. She lies on a sofa for sixty-nine hours with no food or water. During this period, Hurston claimed to have a total of five psychic experiences. After this, she was initiated into the mysteries of Hoodoo, where she was then instructed to have her finger sliced, so that she could become a blood brother with a rattle-snake. She also participated in sacrificial rituals, where animal’s bodies and blood where used to protect, harm, and even kill certain individuals.


Is Hoodoo magic good or bad


Hollywood and books often depict the most horrific aspects of Voodoo and Hoodoo. After all, it is there job to sell books. However, there is another side of the story that isn’t told by Hollywood. This story is about how Hoodoo Root Workers and Voodoo practitioners used the power of spirit and the ancestors to heal and aid people during and after slavery. Slaves didn’t have access to healthcare. Sadly, in most situations, they worked until they died. Others were malnourished, while some were badly beaten by overseers and slave owners. During this time, it was the Hoodoo doctor who gathered the herbs, consulted with the spirits, and performed miracles to push out sickness, and restore health.


Becoming a medium, a later in life


I suppose the best example of Hoodoo doctors using energy to heal patients is Jon of God. Jon of God is considered a psychic empath, who opens himself up, and allows spirits or entities to mount him. These spirits work through him and allows him to perform surgeries. In fact, Jon of God is known to just walk up to people and slice open their chest, or breast with a surgical knife. Even the father of motivation, Dr. Wayne Dyer, sent John of God a photograph of him, so that he could heal from leukemia. People come from all over the world, to be healed by Jon of God. They are asked to wear white, and to keep their legs and arms uncrossed so that the energy can flow. For over fifty years, John of God has healed thousands of people. And many people can agree, Jon of God has been doing this far too long to be considered a charlatan.


How to develop psychic medium abilities


So, what’s the difference between Jon of God, a psychic medium, and a Hoodoo worker or doctor? Well, there is no difference. They’re both working with entities and spirits. While Jon of God allows the spirits to mount his body. I Hoodoo worker or doctor may have the spirit mount a particular herb, an animal, or they may capture the essence of the spirit in colognes, perfumes, and oils. It is also important to understand that like Jon of God, people came to Hoodoo workers to be healed. They came to them to have psychic visions, or to communicate with a loved one who passed on and/or living on the other side. To outsiders, Hoodoo is merely a series of superstitions. And the people who are actually healed, are dismissed as cases of people who were healed because of their belief or their faith. A practice that is called belief healing, and is most commonly associated with a placebo effect.


How do you know if you’re a medium?


However, the people on the inside see much more than that. As healers and psychic mediums, we realize that we truly don’t heal anyone. Rather, the body heals itself. African derived religions and practices revolve around the sense of balance. If a person falls ill, then his/her body is thrown out of homeostasis. Then, a Hoodoo worker, or doctor will then work with different entities to bring balance back to the body, so that it can achieve a level of homeostasis. Once the body achieves this, then it will begin to heal itself. Remember, the first rule of magic, is that everything already exists. This means that a sickness cannot exist without the cure, and the cure cannot exist without the sickness. So, what I am going to do now, is give you five holistic healing methods that will bring the body back to hemostasis and help you to become a powerful root worker.


Programing magical herbs, oils, colognes and stones,


A lot of people truly misunderstand the importance and significance of magical herbs. People fail to realize that herbs can be programed to provide us with the nutrients that we need to heal. We can do this by placing the seed under our tongue. The seed is then absorbing our saliva and discerning what our body needs for health and nutrition. Then, once we plant the seed, the herb or plant will grow with the nutrients necessary to help us heal and manifest.


Also, a great deal of energy comes in and out of our hands. So, when we touch the herbs we are programing them to perform certain duties and functions. Naturally, these herbs can be magnified with water or oils.


Water in itself, can be programmed, and when you immerse yourself in it, your allowing the energy to seep directly into your skin.


This same concept can actually be applied to stones. Many Hoodoo workers or doctors use them to make mojo bags. Much like herbs, stones can be programmed. However, stones are known to carry and hold energy for an extended period of time.


Blood and the voodoo doll


The voodoo doll has a very bad reputation. However, the voodoo doll is widely used by many Hoodoo workers and practitioners. The doll, is a symbol or a representation of the person who you want to cure. Naturally, you’re going to need to bring it life. You can do this by incorporating hair, fingernail clippings, and yes blood. Blood in the simplest forms represents ashe. However, when you break things down further, you’ll find that everyone’s blood has DNA. I’ve written in other articles that once you have someone’s DNA, you then have access to their entire blue-print. So, one droplet of blood gives you access to someone’s endocrine system, reproductive system, respiratory system, etc. Recent scientific studies have found that DNA can survive outside of the body. More importantly, any act of manipulation that is done to the DNA outside of the body, has a direct effect on the body. That’s pretty deep.


So, there you have it. Five holistic healing modalities that will help you to become a powerful hoodoo worker, or doctor.

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