There seems to be this trend of men, giving women dating advice. They’re telling women what men want, how to get him to be attracted to you, and the subtle games that you have to play that will keep him coming back for more. Well, since there is a whole bunch of information on the market about what men want, I figure that I will tell you what women want and drop some ancient knowledge on how to get that special guy to want you, and even make him addicted to you, so stay tuned.


How to make a guy want you bad?


I am not surprised that there are so many men, coaching women on how to date men. In my other video, How to save your relationship from a break up? I spoke about seduction, sex magick, and love spells. In that video, I explained to you that seduction was a women’s art. Priestesses in the ancient temples would aid all types of women, teaching them the secrets of the goddess and the magick of inciting lust and desire in their mates. Sadly, this information was hijacked by men from the Christian church. They massacred the witches and pagan priestesses, took their information and claimed it as their own. Now, a lot of women don’t understand how to relate to men. So then, they go seeking advice from men, not understanding that women are the masters of seduction.


How to make him want you again?


You see, the secret to making a man want you is to provide an experience or a fantasy that he simply can’t get anywhere else. In ancient times, the courtesans and concubines mastered the art of seduction by getting men to indulge into a fantasy. I think the best example of this is the movie Memoirs of a Geisha. It is a story about a young Japanese girl who is sold by her parents to a geisha house. In this house, she is up against her rival, a beautiful young woman who tries to sabotage her in every single way. However, the young geisha, rose through the ranks to not only become the most famous courtesans in Japan. But she manages to capture the heart of a wealthy businessman, who loves her and takes care of her for the rest of her life.


How to make him want you in bed?


There is a particularly good scene in this movie, where the young geisha sold her virginity to a doctor for a large sum of money. In fact, there was a long bidding process between several men. This goes to show you that there is nothing a man won’t do for woman when he desires her. This includes paying a great sum of money. In fact, a lot of the courtesans in the ancient times would charge 50k for just one weekend with them, and the men, never complained, or even cared.



How to make him want you over text


The problem is that we women have lost our ability to indulge in the fantasy. We’ve lost our ability to create phenomenal experiences. In Memories of a Geisha, the women would learn how to play instruments, they would learn how to walk seductively, they would train their speaking voices, so they sounded and sang like doves. They would quickly figure out a man’s unmet needs, suppressed desires, and become the person who could meet those needs.


How to make a guy want you back?


Well, now that we are in the 21st century, it might be hard to create the fantasy. Now, men have all types of stimuli to distract them, including porn, and strip clubs. You might be thinking that you’re a little too big, to be sexy, or to be his fantasy. But remember what I said in my other videos.  It’s not just about how you look, or how your body is, it’s about the energy that you exude. Now, in my other video, how to be irresistible, I suggested that you do a sacral chakra meditation. This works wonders as far as you being able to master your sexual energy. However, you can take things a step further, by calling upon the goddesses as a collective. Here’s how:


  1. Buy a bouget of mixed flowers
  2. Buy a statue of the goddess (optional)
  3. Choose a goddess that resonates with you










Petitioning: Remember what I said about petitioning, it’s not about what you say, it’s what’s inside of your heart. If you petition the goddess and you mean to make a man want you, so you can feel powerful, or you want to misuse him, or treat him badly, this is not going to work. Remember, goddess work is not about trickery and manipulation, it’s about love and inspiration. Instead, ask the Goddess to bring that special someone closer to you so that you can love him, help him heal, and work with him to become a better person.



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