There is nothing worse than being in a rut. You feel stuck, like everyone hates you, you’ve been disrespected. You feel like the more you try, the further you get behind. You feel overwhelmed, tired, depressed and hopeless. So then, you give up, believing that there is nothing that you can do about this situation. Well, in this video, I am going to recommend a powerful heart chakra meditation, that won’t only help you get out of a rut, but also help you change your life, fix your relationship, and heal your soul, mind and body, stay tuned.

How to get out of a rut of depression


In my other video, how to overcome low self-esteem, I spoke to you about the rules of war. In that video, I quoted Sun Tzu, when he described that the true way to break a man and win a war is by destroying his or her self-confidence. I also explained that many people around you, both consciously and unconsciously are working to destroy your self-confidence. They’re telling you what you can and cannot do. They’re making you feel bad about your weight. They’re making you feel bad about how you look. They want you to fit some ridiculous mode, because they believe that by doing that, you’ll find happiness.


How to get out of a runt in your life


In that video, I explained that this process of putting you down is called energy dumping.  Energy dumping occurs when a person is harboring a great deal of negativity. After a while, they need to dispel that negativity, and they believe that you are the perfect target. Remember, abuse is not just physical, emotional, or verbal. Abuse is someone’s else’s attempt to tear down your self-confidence. This is a tactic of control and manipulation. And a lot of people do this, subconsciously and consciously, because number one, they need to have a dumping ground, and number two, they need to be able to feed off your energy.  See how to leave an abusive relationship. So, don’t take people making jokes, or making fun of you lightly. You need to understand that they’re doing it, to break you down and steal your energy.

How to get out of a rut in relationships


Just remember, you need energy to manifest, to heal, to protect yourself and your family. Sadly, what happens is that you slowly become depleted. This is when you begin to feel overwhelmed, tired and depressed. Life feels like it’s hopeless and you believe that nothing is ever going to change. Or, you’ve invested all of your energy and resources in pipe dreams. You believe that you’re going to hit the lottery one day, and that is going to enable you to pay all of your pills. Once you’re rich, people will respect you, love you, and virtually all of your problems will go away. A lot us stay stuck in relationship waiting for Mr. Right. They mistakenly believe that things are just going to happen. This way of thinking is dangerous. Why? Because life around you move forward, you move backward, and you find that you situation has regressed to a point of no repair or return.



How to get out of a rut fast


So, let’s ask the magic question, how do you get out of a rut? Well, the best person to look to in these situations would be Nelson Mandela. In fact, Nelson Mandela spent a little over twenty-seven years in a rut. He was a political prisoner in South Africa, and lived in a jail cell, no bigger than a closet. The South African government jailed him, in attempts to break him and wear down his self-confidence. They wanted to make him feel powerless. They wanted him to lose hope. They wanted him to believe that he was worthless, and that there was nothing that he could do to change his situation.


How to get out of a rut in marriage


They wanted him to live according to their expectations of him. They wanted him to feel like he was dirty, stupid, ignorant. They wanted him to believe all the images and stereotypes about Black people being inferior, with no culture, no religions, or spirit. They wanted him to believe that Blacks were savages and were people who believed in superstition. They wanted him to believe that Blacks were dirty, lazy, that they spread disease and contributed absolutely nothing to society. They wanted him to give up, make him feel powerless, so that they can seize and control. They wanted him to be in a rut. In fact, I think that Iyanla Vanzant said it best,


“A rut, is seeing and believing that the circumstances or situations you are in, is bigger and more powerful than you.”


How to get out of a rut with a friend


So how did Nelson Mandela get out of this rut? How did you get out of the imprisonment of his mind, body, and soul? He did through self-love. First, he forgave himself for believing all the awful things that his enemies said about him. Then, he realized that he had been stuck. He hadn’t been living to his full potential. And while, his body was imprisoned, his mind was free, and it could wonder all over the country and the world. He stopped making excuses and he stopped being afraid. How did he do this? Well, he did it through self-love. He spent twenty-seven years just focusing on love.


How to get out of a rut with a girlfriend


Throughout the years, with his self-love meditation, he didn’t have a drop of hatred in his heart.

In fact, throughout his time in prison, he sent love to all the people in South Africa, not just the Black people. As a result of this, awareness about the grave injustices in South Africa begin to spread. Soon, people in other countries, including the United States begin to boycott and even hold the South African government accountable for civil rights violations. Nelson Mandela continued to focus on love. As a result, he healed a country that will fueled by hate, and thus stopped a civil war, and a racial genocide that was really going to tear the them apart. So, what is the morale of this story? No one can break you, and you can’t be subject to psychological warfare, or self-hate, when your heart is fill with love.


The importance of self-love


Many people don’t understand the power of this loving energy. They don’t understand that when they see a Buddhist monk, meditating for hours, they aren’t just meditating for themselves, they’re meditating for all human kind. In fact, it is the mystics who believe that the monks, and enlightened people such as Nelson Mandala are maintaining the balance, and stopping the scales from shifting in the negative direction.


What can you do?


Well, you can first understand that focusing on love, doesn’t just affect you, it affects everyone around you. When you fill your heart up with love, and focus on being on this vibration, you can heal yourself and loved ones, you can bring back a straying lover, and most importantly, you can live a happier and more fulfilled life.


Self-Love technique


Just sit and focus on your heart chakra. Chant the sound of Yam

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