So, in this video, I am going to suggest a meditation that will not only help you get a girlfriend, but also attract the woman of your dreams.




Hey guys, you wanted it, you got it. I know a lot of you men have been forced to sit through my videos and listen to me go on and on, about how women can use their sexual energy to be more attractive and desirable. Now, you men want to know, what you can do to be more attractive? Well, unlike women who have to master their sexual energy. Men, have to master their sense of discipline and power. When he is able to do this, he will become absolutely irresistible to women. So, in this video, I am going to recommend a meditation that will not only help you get a girlfriend, but also attract the woman of your dreams. Stay tuned.


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Now, before you hit or you sign up for that Tinder application, I want you to do some research. I want you to think about men who have a lot of power. Now, a lot of them are handsome, but some, are sadly, butt ugly. Look at people like the fictional character Tony Soprano. He was fat, bald, and had zero swagger and charm. Yet, he had no problem getting women. Why? Well, Tony Soprano was the biggest gangster in New Jersey. He not only had money, he also had power.


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So, the first thing that you need to understand is that women love power. In fact, a woman cannot resist a powerful man. It is in our DNA, and we are genetically hardwired to mate with strong men. It goes back to the old cave man days, where women were physically dependent on a man to protect her and her children. Women like to feel secure. And yes, many of them like to be taken care of. These women are not necessarily gold-diggers, they just prefer to me with men who can make them feel safe and secure. In fact, this tends to be the primary reason why women turn men down. Men don’t exude enough power, and if a man is not powerful, then he is put in the loser, or dead-beat category.


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Men, you have to understand that a woman, in particularly a beautiful woman gets hit on every day. So, when you hit on her, she has all of her defenses up. Again, this behavior is a throwback to the cave man days, where a woman would make men fight to the death. By doing this, she could ensure the strongest man in the bunch would be the man that she would mate with. Again, women are looking for security and safety. I know this sounds like bad news to a lot of men.  Unlike women who can just shift their sexual energy by working on their second chakra. Men have to work hard to be men. But it’s like I said, it’s hard being a man. However, I do have some good news. You don’t need to be devilishly handsome to win over the woman of your dreams. In fact, you can be butt ugly, so long as you have enough power/ashe to make her feel safe and secure.



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So now, the magic question is how do you become more powerful? Well, there are two paths to gaining power. The first path is more of the feminine path. This is a path of art, love, and being able to channel and shift energy. Men, have the harder route, because their path to gaining power involves a great deal of self-discipline. Listen guys, there is a reason why there was over five Rocky movies made, and more Creed movies scheduled to be released within the next couple of years. Why? Well because men have to train to be a man. They need to experience pain, push past their limits, they need to suffer, so they can control their impulses and other forms of temptations. In a sense, they need to have to build a strong sense of discipline.


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Now, it was never easy to be a man. However, I think that it is very difficult, because men don’t have the same training. For example, men back in the day would go through The Rites of Passage. In these ceremonies, the boys left their sisters and mothers, and endured weeks and months of complete torture. The boys were punched, kicked, they were starved, and subject to the elements of their environment.  The Rites of Passage was our ancestors’ way of pushing these men beyond their limits. By doing this, they destroyed the boys and created the man. As a result of this, the men had little to no self-doubt. They could work through and overcome pain. And most importantly, they could resist virtually all temptations. So, after these men finished their Rites of Passage, they would marry and have enough power and energy to protect and take care of their women.


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Sadly, we don’t have The Rites of Passage anymore. Even worse, there has been this huge societal push to emasculate men. There are a whole bunch of therapist who want men to be vulnerable, to open up and talk about their feelings. We fail to understand that men and women are different. Men don’t process their emotions like women do. They need to work through them, push passed them, and use the emotions to make them become stronger. In a sense, they use the pain to push the weaknesses from their body. Besides, The Rites of Passage was all about using pain to build strength.


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However, you can create your own Rites of Passage. You can do this by getting into a steady routine of one, working on your manipura chakra, and two, engaging in some type of activity where you need to push yourself every day. Some men enjoy martial arts, while others enjoy weightlifting, or sports.  What’s most important is that you get into the habit of developing mental toughness. Now, when you start to work on your manipura chakra, women will not only be more attracted to you. You will then have enough power to manifest money and enjoy better health. Here’s how:


  1. Get every morning and chant the sound of Ram
  2. Do some type of mind building muscle building exercise, push yourself to exhaustion.
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