Learn how to get your ex back using the Law of Attraction and holistic healing remedies derived from Tantra.



There are a lot of people who are telling you to move on. They’re saying that there are plenty of fish in the sea. They may judge you, or think badly about you, because you’re unhappy without your ex. Besides, the more acceptable thing to do is let him go, move on, and learn how to be happy without him. What these people don’t understand, is that you may very well have a connection with you ex that they may not understand. It could be a soul connection, or even a spiritual connection. So, in this video, I am giving you a holistic healing method that may help win your ex back, so stay tuned.


How to make your ex want you so back


So, there are a lot of people who don’t believe in this stuff. They believe that people like me are quacks, and we’re selling you false hope, and cashing in on your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. These are the same people who sell you coaching sessions with proven psychological techniques that work. I’ve mentioned in my other article, Mistakes that are ruining your chances of getting back with your ex, that psychology comes from magic. In fact, some of the most famous psychologist were closeted occultist. Scholars such as Carl Jung and Sigmund Frued, spent years studying paranormal activity. Sadly, this fact is glossed over by many scientists.


How to make your ex want you back after he dumped you


Perhaps the worst thing about relationship coaching, is that it has become incredibly mechanical. It’s like people are only focusing on 10% of the problem. They fail to realize that relationships are about love, and love is non-physical, infinite, and boundless. So, instead of us thinking about drawing someone to us physically, we need to think about drawing them to us, energetically. What does that mean? It means that once we are connected with someone, we remain connected to them. Of course, we can’t understand this, when we are only focused on love from the physical world. Our limited understanding of love, also leaves us feeling drained, and heartbroken after a breakup. This happens, because we’ve never been taught that we can connect with people form an energetic level.



How to make your ex-boyfriend miss you


I know what you’re thinking. No, I am not crazy. In fact, I can back up this concept with solid science. You see good old Einstein did some experiments with particles. He found that once they particles touched, they could still could communicate with each other, despite space, time, and distance. He called this little experiment, spooky action at a distance. What does this have to do with anything? Well since particles are inside of atoms, and everything on our earth is made of atoms, those same rules apply to you.


How to make a guy want you and miss you


So now, you want the meat and potatoes. You want to know how you can get your ex to be attracted to you? Well, it will be all about you sending out the right signals into the universe. Duh, I am sure that you already knew that. However, I bet you didn’t know that you can send your ex both loving and sexual energy. This will get him to think about you, and want you back. So how does all of this work?


How to make a guy want you over text


Well, have you ever watched the old Avengers movies with The Incredible hulk? The Incredible Hulk is simple an even-tempered man. However, when he gets mad, he turns into a giant green monster. His muscles bulge, ripping his clothes into shreds. Veins are popping out of his neck, and his teeth even looked mangled and gnarled. He can’t think straight, and all he can think about is smashing something. He smashes buildings, smashes cars, and even helicopters.


Why am I bringing up The Incredible Hulk? Well, because the same thing is happening to your ex’ boyfriend’s penis. Okay, maybe it’s not turning green, but it is bulging, expanding to twice its size. Of course, anger is not causing his erection, desire is. And that’s where you come in. You need to get him to smash you so badly, that he can barely contain himself. When you do this, his desires for you will surpass any negative feelings or thoughts that he had of you in the past.


How to make a guy miss you and want you back


So how do you do this? Well, remember the channels that I talked about before? They’re still open. So, all you have to do is imagine making love to him. Remember the times when you first met, the honeymoon, the make-up sex, everything. If you do this, you may even get him to text, or want you back quickly.


How to make your ex want you back quickly.


I know, I am going to hear a lot of complaints, people are going to say that I tried it, and it didn’t work. Well, there is something that you need to know about magic. You need to have juice. What’s that mean? It means that your vibrations need to be high. That’s another little dirty secret about The Law of Attraction that no one tells you about. You need to have a great deal of power to make it happen. No worries, you can sign up to my 10-day course, Breakup to Makeup and start learning how you can tap into your power to really make things happen. So, what are you waiting for, sign up below.

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