There are a lot of people out there who believe that you can’t make anyone want you. They tell you that you can’t make anyone love you. They believe that manipulating someone’s feelings, or tricking them to care about you is wrong. However, a lot of these people are only looking at love from a limited perspective. They’re connecting with people strictly on the physical level, and never attain the knowledge to gain a deeper connection. So, in this video, I am going to explain to you how you can get a man to love you through inspiration, so stay tuned.

How to make a man fall in love with you psychology

I mentioned in my other video, how to get over a breakup, that women were the masters of seduction, love spells, and yes sex magick. If a woman had issues in her relationship, she would go to a priestess and she would guide her on how to fix her relationship. Now, because of colonization, slavery, and the witch hunts, all the female priestesses are gone. Sadly, women are forced to seek counsel from other men, or worse, crazy people who tell them that they have to manipulate, beguile, and trick their man into loving them. The truth of the matter is that love, and love spells were always about love through inspiration, not manipulation.

How to make a guy fall in with you madly

Love is the highest vibration known to man, and we learn more about ourselves and this energy through our interactions with each other, in particularly through relationships. There is a reason why the books, the Stackhouse Diaries and the HBO hit series True Blood was so popular. It resonates with us, because we are looking for someone to meet our unmet needs. The cornier way of saying it, is that we are looking for someone to complete us. Just look at Sookie, she was a misfit waitress, who couldn’t date normal man because she could hear their thoughts. Bill, was a self-hating vampire, who would do anything to feel alive again. They meet, and bang, there is fire-works. Sookie finally had peace and Bill could taste a little bit of sunshine.

Make a man miss you

These intense emotions are stimulated by each other’s unmet needs. So, what am I saying? I am saying that your attraction to the opposite sex is always going to be driven by your unmet needs, your suppressed desires––the stronger the need, the stronger the attraction. So, in order to get someone to desire you, you need to understand what their unmet needs are and meet them. Women back in the day, would seek out the services of a priestess and get readings to get more information. However, you may not have time, or you may not have access to an experienced or reputable priestess. So then, you have to inspire him. Like Sookie Stackhouse, you need to be his light, his ray of sunshine, you need to be the only person he sucks blood from.

How to make him fall in love with you forever

Many women make the mistake of connecting with people on the physical level. Then, they’re angry or upset, when they make love to a man, and he just walks away. These women fail to understand that men have sex with their physical bodies, women have sex with their spirit and mind, that’s why we are goddesses. What you need to do is, rebuild your connection with the beautiful and alluring goddess. Now, I liked to work with the Yoruba deity Oshun. I love Oshun, because she was able to get one of the strongest and most misogynist man to fall in love with her.

Oshun Goddess Ritual

Oshun: Pay a bouget of yellow flowers.

Place some honey on your altar,

Be sure to taste the honey before giving it to Oshun

Light a red candle (for love)

Ask Oshun to give you light and the ability to inspire that special someone

Repeat this process for five days

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