In this article, I explain how you can communicate with spirits safely and effectively using magical herbs and incense.



There are a lot of people who want to communicate with spirit guides or ghost. Some, want to communicate with loved ones who have passed on. While others want the spirits to visit them in their dreams. Many of these people are afraid of spirits, believing that if they start to open these doors, they may attract evil or demonic spirits. So, in this video, I am going to explain to you how spirits communicate with the living. And tell you how you can communicate with spirits by using herbs and incense. So, stay tuned.


How to communicate with spirits safely


When people think about spirit communication, they think about movies like Sixth Sense. This is an oldie but goodie, about a young, troubled, and isolated boy, who finds refuge in talking to ghosts. A ghost, who was formerly a child psychologist, councils the young boy, teaching him to accept his gifts. Sadly, this ghost doesn’t even realize that he himself is dead. This fact is revealed at the end of the movie, and is known to be one of the biggest twist in television history. To the average person, this film is about a boy who sees dead people. However, to mystics, it means much more.


How do spirits communicate with the living


In fact, communicating with the dead is not new at all. Religions all over the world have conversed with angels, demons, spirits, fairies, aliens, and even long-lost relatives that have moved on. Even the Babylonians have recorded conversations with angels, whom they called, The Annunaki. They described the Annunaki as a race of human like beings who descended from the heaven to earth. The Annunaki worked with the Babylonians by helping them build one of the most powerful and advanced societies known to man. Besides, it was the Babylonians who created the architecture, irrigation, and codes of time that we live by today.  Perhaps the most important thing to understand about the Annunaki, is that they gave information to the Babylonians so that they could evolve.


How to communicate with ghost


Now, I talk about evolution all the time in my videos. I specifically talk about your ability to become more clairvoyant and yes intuitive. In my other video, how to open your third eye, I spoke about this concept in great detail. In that video, I explained that our universe is actually a multi-verse. This means that we live in a universe with billions upon billions of channels. I also explained that energy can’t be created, and it cannot be destroyed. This means that we don’t really manifest anything. Rather, everything is already created. These creations are actually being stored or filmed in these universes, also called parallel worlds and realities.


How to communicate with spirits in dreams


The easiest way to think about this, is to think as multi-verses as being channels on a television set. Each channel has something that you want to manifest. One channel has the car that you want, the other has the man that you want, one has a successful business, and one has a nice designer bag that you’ve had your eye on. Now, the process of manifesting is all about flipping through the channels, and tuning in.  By viewing the channel, you’re actually living in that parallel world in which you dreamed of.


How to communicate with spirits and loved ones


Manifesting sounds easy, right? However, it is difficult because many of us don’t have access to these channels. I mentioned in other videos, that society has put child restrictions on these channels. This inhibits us from accessing all of the channels that we need to manifest. So, the act of becoming clairvoyant and/or intuitive, is the ability to raise our consciousness. Once we are able to do that, we then have access to more channels. Just think about it like you going from having twelve basic channels, to thirty-channels and fifty channels, so on.


How to communicate with spirits by mirror gazing


Now, having access to more channels not only allows you to manifest faster, it also allows you to communicate with spirit guides, angels, fairies, aliens, and yes demons. All of these entities have their own channels, and much like the Annunaki from Mesopotamia, they can help you manifest and yes evolve. In fact, it’s not uncommon for witches and magicians to work with spirits, they may go and gather the dirt, or they may use certain types of scents, herbs, or oils to attract them.


How to attract spirits alone


You can do this too. However, you must first understand the process. For one, you need to understand that we live in a holograph universe. What does that mean in dummy terms? It means that everything is a projection of something else. Still confused? Well, let’s get back to energy. Remember when I said that energy cannot be destroyed, nor can it be created. Energy actually dissipates and leaves one world and goes into another. I go over this concept more closely in my video (psychic readings don’t have to be sleazy). Just think about your favorite television show, being dropped from one channel, and picked up by another.


How to become a psychic medium


Now, the other thing that you need to understand is that our physical mass, dissipates. However, the blueprint of who and what we are stays fully intact. So, when you shine light onto a spirit, it illuminates much like a ghost. We can take this step a little further now and say that when you change the channels of your mind and your present reality, you’re actually shedding light onto a blue-print and thus bring them back to life. Once you’re able to do this, you can communicate with spirits, and petition them to do favors for you as well.

How to talk to spirit guides


Now, you’re probably asking, what about bad spirits? How do I channel spirits without attracting demonic entities? Well, I’ve said it a hundred times in my videos. Whatever is suppressed inside of you, will manifest in the physical world. This is why I preach to you about petitioning spirits with only love in your life. By doing this, you’re ensuring that you won’t tune into those scary or unfavorable channels. Below, is a list of herbs and incense that you can use to repel evil spirits and attract good ones, such as angels.


Frankincense: Used for driving away evil spirits and attracting angels

Rosemary: Widely used purification rites, can also attract positive spiritual beings such as angels.

Vervain: Associated with opening the third eye. Vervain can be used call on higher powers. It can also be used as an herb for protection against evil spells and enchantments.

Mugwort and Sandalwood, Mugwort coupled with sandalwood strengthens psychic abilities and keeps away keeps away negative influences.

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