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How to do a mystic love binding spell using poppets?

I really try my hardest not to make videos about voodoo dolls and poppets. Besides, Hollywood has done a fantastic job demonizing the voodoo doll. You’ve seen Chucky, The Skeleton Key, and Three Witches of Eastwick. Sadly, the voodoo doll,...

May 17 / 2017

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How to cast a mystic love spell that may work overnight?

Here’s a question that I get a lot. How do you get a love spell to work quickly? People even want their love spells to work within 24 hours. There’s a few things that you need to understand about spells,...

May 16 / 2017

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How to cast a mystic love spell without ingredients

People always ask me, what’s the primary reason why their love spells don’t work. I simply say that your love spells don’t work, because you don’t have enough power, enough juice, ashe, or prana. Then, the magic question arises, how...

May 15 / 2017

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How to cast a mystic binding spell that really works?

In my other video, How a mystic soul binding spell can make your relationship stronger? I talked about how a binding spell is not about you being bonded to someone else.  You’re already bonded to him or her. Rather, the...

May 11 / 2017

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How a soul binding spell can make your relationship stronger

  I’ve heard a lot of people talking about binding spells. They want to be able to cast a binding spell to make sure that they’re lover doesn’t stray or cheat. They want to cast a bonded spell to ensure...

May 10 / 2017

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Warning: Energy Vampires May Be Sabotaging Your Magic and Love Spells

When people think about energy vampires, they think about the nasty negative people at work, the mean neighbor, the freeloaders, and leaches, and the backstabbers. However, the people who are most like stealing your energy, are other spell casters and...

May 09 / 2017

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Simple and safe break up love spell for beginners

Everyone knows that I don’t really believe in white magic or black magic. I believe that magic is neutral, and that it is all about strategy.  However, in order to cast magic spells, you’re going to have to have an...

May 05 / 2017

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The secret to becoming a powerful spell caster

Yesterday, I spoke on how a lot of us are not working to our full capacity. Many of us are not practicing magic, in much the same way that our ancestors did. We are not doing this because we are...

May 03 / 2017

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The secret sauce to casting powerful magic spells!

What if I told you that you’re not living up to your full potential. You’re not working to full capacity, and your magic is suffering because of that.  Most of us are probably working at 20% maybe 30%  Can you...

May 02 / 2017

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Love Spell Not Working? Try This Simple Love Spell Hack!

The biggest reason why love spells don’t work, is because people don’t understand how love spells work. They’re told to just follow directions and voilà, it’s done. Then, they become frustrated when nothing happens. So, in this video, I am...

May 02 / 2017