Black magic is weak and causes degradation when used for nefarious reasons. However, when used for transformation and healing, it is powerful beyond belief.


I think that people have a grave misunderstanding of what black magic is. In fact, most people probably clicked on this title, believing that I was going to make a video about how you can do evil things. They believed that I was going to make a video, on how to hex and curse people. They believed that this video was going to be about domination, manipulation, and mind control. Sorry, guys, that’s not what black magic is. Or at least, that’s not what black magic is in African derived religions. You see, we don’t see black as a bad color, and we don’t see black magic as being evil or nefarious. So, in this video, I am going to explain to how black magic works, and give you some tips on how you can become a powerful black magician. So, stay tuned.

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I wrote an article way back in the day, titled Bitchcraft. In that article, I spoke about degradation, in particularly in the magical communities. Sadly, many people view African derived religions from a Western mindset. And I can tell you that’s a huge mistake. They believe that like Tantra, and other alternative religions, that there is the left side and right side, that there is white and black magic. The first thing that you need to understand is that the belief in dualities is society’s way of separating the masses. It’s to program people to believe that they’re different, or better than others.




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I think the best way to describe this concept is to go to any major city, pick one. You can go to New York, Chicago, Miami, or Los Angeles. Sadly, all of these cities have bad neighborhoods that you’re afraid to drive through. These neighborhoods have huge populations of Blacks and Hispanics who are at a social and economic disadvantage. Why? Because we lumped a whole bunch of people with similar energies together. Just think about it; in the Jim Crow South, all Blacks lived together, the working-class Blacks, the rich Blacks, the boujee Blacks, everybody. And with integration, these Blacks, who were a very large part of the tax base, moved out. They were also the people who were contributing the most amount of art, culture, and wisdom. More importantly, they kept balance and stopped the scales from tipping in the negative direction.


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Now, balance is a very important concept in African derived religions. But when you start to separate magic into dualities, calling one sector white, and the other one black, you disrupt the balance.  As a result of this, you have a lot of people who don’t want to be associated with black magic, that’s like entering the bad part of town. No, people want to keep things clean and neat, and moral. I know, there are a lot of stories of black magicians, voodoo practitioners, and hoodoo root workers who are hexing and cursing. I am sure that you’ve heard all of the horrific stories of black magicians hurting and even killing people.


White Magic V Black Magic


However, the biggest problem with believing in dualities, is that it limits your perspective. A lot of people just want to focus on the positive. They want to manifest the fancy cars, big houses, and vacations. They do this without realizing that all of their manifesting efforts comes at a price. The price, is that someone else will have to starve, or die of sickness or disease, to offset their manifesting efforts. People who are always positive and want to only practice white magic, fail to understand that the United States’ strength depends on destroying people and nations who pose a threat. The United States didn’t rise to power because we were good to people. No. We became powerful by stealing land from the Native American, enslaving Africans to build on it, and using cheap labor to maintain it. What’s the point here, abundance comes at a hefty price.



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Here’s the real issue, black magic, along with other African derived religions are much like todays ghettos or the hoods. People took all the richness, culture, and the power(ashe) out of it. Now, that power has been absorbed into other religions and practices. So now, there is dis-balance, and sadly a great deal of negative energy. This is the reason why people who practice magic all over the world are poor. This is also the reason why there is a great deal of corruption, scams, and charlatans in this practice. In essence, many of these people are tapping into a resource that is energetically bankrupt. So, they have to rob, cheat, and steal. They do this so that they can survive.


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Here’s the rub, and I believe that this is what most people don’t understand. You need negative energy for transformation. In fact, you can’t manifest without it. Furthermore, there more negative energy that you have, the greater the transformation. Just look at some of the people who have come from the hood, or rose up from the realms of poverty. They’re legends and many of them of not only influenced people throughout the United States, but also throughout the entire world. People such as Serena Williams, Oprah Winfrey, and Shaquille O Neale. The one thing that you need to understand about magic, in African derived religions is that everything is about balance. When people are living in dire poverty, the scales are unbalanced, and you start to see an overwhelming amount of negativity and degradation. However, when you start to balance those scales, you see some amazing transformations.


Black magic mantra and Alchemy


This is the reason why real voodoo priest and priestess are so strong. They can take that negative energy and transform it into something greater. Yes, I suppose that you could call this process alchemy. Now, people mistakenly believe that voodoo and black magic is all about having blind faith, or believing in superstitions. That’s far from the truth, black magic is really about transforming the negative traits, which is causing you distress into positive traits.


Black magic and cursing and hexing


Now, there are people who are probably saying, what about the cursing and hexing and everything. Listen, the way that African spirituality or African derived religions is practiced today, is different from how it was practiced in our ancestors’ day. Colonization and slavery played a huge role in its demise for two reasons. One, a great deal of information was taken out, or forgotten. Secondly, people had to curse and hex to save their skin. Our ancestors cursed to keep their slave masters from raping them, killing them, and selling off their children. Frankly, we are not completely innocent. Many people in this practice feel like they’re entitled to curse. This is incredibly problematic because it works like a vicious cycle. It’s almost like abuse, where one generation does it, and then it is passed down to other generations. However, I am making these videos, to raise awareness and help people understand that the real transformation comes from turning your shit into gold. Here’s how:


  1. You can start by taking a black and white reversible candle.
  2. Sit and set your intentions to transform the negative energy in yourself and in your relationship to positive energy.
  3. Light the candle and visualize the transformation that you want to see.



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