How to unlock your inner psychic powers


There is a lot of information on the Internet about awakening your psychic abilities. There are tons of exercises, explaining how you can open your third eye, or how to develop clairvoyance. However, there are still a great deal of people who are confused about the process. So, in this video, I am going to explain to you how you can awaken your psychic abilities through transcendental meditation.


Symptoms of awakening psychic abilities


In my other video, Psychic Readings Don’t Need to Be Sleazy, I spoke to you about how psychic readings can benefit you and the people around you. I also explained how I am able to get a great deal of information from my entourage of spirits. These spirits are known as the Egun in African derived religions. However, in that video, I didn’t mention the importance of clairvoyance.  Clairvoyance gives you the ability to see into the future, the past, and even the ability to read people’s minds.


How to find your psychic abilities


The best way to think about clairvoyance is to watch the psychological thriller Limitless. It is a story about this struggling writer, who becomes a financial wiz when he consumes this mysterious pill.  The pill, allows him to access 100% of his brain, as opposed to just the 10% that we regular humans use. Through the movie, you see him transitioning from a broke guy who is dumped by his girlfriend, struggling to pay his rent–– to a playboy with millions of dollars. Perhaps the best thing about this movie, is Bradley Cooper’s character is able to maintain all the information that he consumes.


How to tune into your psychic abilities


So why did I bring up the movie Limitless. I brought it up, because I want you to understand the power of the mind. You’re constantly taken in information, but you simply don’t remember most of it.  In fact, every experience, every feeling and thought is recorded and filed in the recesses of your mind. Sadly, most of us simply don’t have access to it. So, when you start to become clairvoyant, you begin to recall more and more of the memories that are buried in the recesses of your mind.


How to control your psychic abilities


The other reason why I brought up the movie Limitless, is because I want you to understand that your mind isn’t just your mind. You actually share a mind with the collective consciousness. Of course, this mind is called the congenial mind, or to others, it’s called the force field. And much like your mind, all of the world’s experiences have been recorded there. Now, like your regular mind, you only have access to maybe ten percent of this. However, when you begin to awaken your psychic abilities, you start to have access to more and more of it. And when you begin to have access to the congenial mind, you can start to foretell the future, and even see the past with keen accuracy. This is why people are able to explore their past lives, or even speak to their loved ones who have passed on. It’s like I said in my other video, Is Alchemy Real, become a master alchemist in 3 easy steps, memories never die, they’re just stored and recorded in a database, until retrieved.


How to use psychic powers



Many African derived religions use initiations to awaken someone’s psychic abilities. They create the spark, and suddenly, people go from using a mere ten percent of their abilities to 15%, 25%, 35%, and so on. Perhaps the best thing about awakening your own psychic powers, is that you gain greater access to the information that is stored in congenial mind or the akashic records. This allows you to not only retain the information that applies to you, but also to retrieve the world events and experiences that have been recorded there. Now, you can gain access to all of these recordings through transcendental meditation. Here’s how:


How to do transcendental meditation step by step



I got hooked on meditation many years ago, when I stumbled across an old recording from Dr. Wayne Dyer, In the recording he spoke about chanting the sounds Om and Ah. Naturally, I felt like a fool doing it. However, midway through this process, I realized that Om was the sound of gratitude and Ah was the sound of creation. I kept doing it, and after about two weeks, I noticed how much sharper I had become. This exercise is particularly great for people who give readings, or want to awaken their psychic abilities.

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