When you think about alchemy, you think that you’re going to be able to transform copper into gold. Other people look at alchemy as a form of necromancy, where they’re able to raise the dead. However, alchemy, is nothing more than transforming negative energy into positive energy. By creating these transformations, you’re able to manifest money, love, and good health. So, in this video, I am going to explain to you how alchemy works, and how you can become a master alchemist in just 3 easy steps.


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There is a clip that I like to watch from Game of Thrones. It involves, Melisandre raising Jon Snow from the dead. When she does this, everyone is just in awe, including Melisandre. Later in this clip we realized that the Lord of Light actually blessed Jon Snow with the miracle of life. There is a reason why necromancy and raising people from the dead is a continuous theme in movies, and in the bible. The reason behind these themes, is that we have all risen from the dead.


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The dead, is merely an analogous term for dark energy. And 70 percent of our universe is actually dark energy. Now, it’s not just me making this up. There is a concept known as Zero-Point Theory. This theory states that energy cannot be destroyed, nor can it be created. Rather, energy is recycled throughout the cosmos. So, what does this mean? It means that instead of you believing in dualities, where you’re on opposite sides of the spectrum, and you can only be on one side at a time. Good and bad, is actually a cycle, that churns and rotates through the illusion of time. So, what does this mean, all geek speak aside? It means that alchemy represents the circulation of good and bad energies, as it rotates and resurfaces, it begins to take on different shapes and forms.


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Let’s just say for example, that your grandma passed away. Now, when you were younger, she used to make these amazing raisin cookies.  Now, that you’re an adult, you want to make these amazing cookies, but you can’t find the recipe for the life of you. So, one day, you’re surfing the Internet and you find a recipe for raisin cookies. And the cookies look like the ones your grandma used to make. So, you make them, and realize that there are probably one or two ingredients missing. So then, you make the cookies again, but this time, there is a little voice in your head that’s telling you to add some cinnamon and vanilla. You do that, and when you do, you find that you just duplicated your Grandma’s raisin cookie recipe.


How to perform alchemy with transmutation circles


The one thing that you need to understand about alchemy is that your grandma’s memory never died. Her memories are stored in a huge database, that you can retrieve from when petitioned. This energy is known as dark energy. This energy in turn recycles itself from the darkness into the physical world, and may manifest itself in different ways. In this situation, the energy manifested itself as a recipe, in other situations, the energy manifested itself as a crisp and clear thought. So, alchemy is really a process of finding buried memories, and getting them to resurface in a way that is beneficial to you.





  1. Set your intentions. The first thing that you need to understand is that alchemy is like a puzzle. You want to be able to set the framework first, and then start to build the other pieces.
  2. Then, allow yourself to relax. Know that the energy is going to come to you in different ways.
  3. Then, start putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Don’t stop until you have all the pieces together.


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