The biggest reason why love spells don’t work, is because people don’t understand how love spells work. They’re told to just follow directions and voilà, it’s done. Then, they become frustrated when nothing happens. So, in this video, I am going to explain to you how love spells work and how you can make your love spells much more effective. Stay tune.


Love spells don’t work because people don’t understand how the universe works. People are under the impression that you have to create something, when in truth, everything is already created. Everything that you can imagine, and even desire is hidden in parallel worlds, or parallel realities.


The best way to describe this concept is to think about television channels. Each channel has a series of television shows and programs, and each program has a series of actors, directors, producers, and camera men. Now, to take things a bit further, each program has its own theme, plot, and character arc. Finally, each program has its own set of commercials.


So, you manifesting is the same as you flipping through the channels. Each channel or parallel world or reality, comes equipped with its own storylines and consequences. But here lies the problem, you have billions of channels to choose from. In truth, people spend their whole life time sifting through channels to try and find their desired parallel world or reality. This is why there are some people who are able to manifest things quickly, others who manifest things slowly, and while some can’t manifest anything at all.


This is why you need help. You need a whole army of spirits to sift through those channels. A lot of magicians will use demons or other types of spirits to help them sift through the channels. And naturally, there are witches like Lilith who have entire armies of angels and demons just for this purpose. If you’re watching this video, I can guess that you don’t have your own army. No worries, you can just call upon your ancestors. Your ancestors are the ones who are going to help you flip through all of these channels to make sure that you get the right one. So, here’s what you have to do.


  1. You need to be really clear about what your purpose is. The more specific you are, the better the results.
  2. You need to have a better understanding of who your ancestors are. Try and think about all the people who are deceased. These are your people on the other side, and they will work to help you manifest your magic faster.
  3. Once you understand who your ancestors are, petition them. You can do this writing out your intentions on a piece of paper.
  4. Your ancestors love offerings such as chocolate, coffee, rum, and cigars.
  5. Keep petitioning them weekly, until the love spell manifest.


I discuss ancestral magic in great detail in my Love Spell Video Course. So, check it out, if you want to learn how to supercharge your love spells.


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